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Tip o’ the Week  #96 - Tafelberg

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In the Netherlands, Tafelberg/Table Mountain dominates the rolling heathland of Blaricummer Heather.  Because settlement remains from the Neolithic and the Ironand Bronze Age, this heathland has been designated as an archaeological monument.

Tafelberg is a peak of 36.4 m above sea level and is the highest point on the heath. An orientation table once stood on this hill, hence the name "Table Mountain".  It is quite reminiscent of Silbury Hill in Avebury which is also a truncated cone.  Around the base of this cone is a ring of earth, much like a henge in Britain.


Tafelberg Trench

Sig standing at inner edge of the earthen ring around Tafelberg


Tafelberg table

Taffelberg table 

There are a number of other tuncated cones/table mountains in Het Gooi (East of Amsterdam).  Two others that we want to visit are Woensberg (?Wotan/Odin?) and Eukenberg.  Karin tells me that according to her now-deceased father-in-law, Jelto Schlüter, as it was the highest point in the area, the Germans used this “table” for their antennas during WW II. 


An addition to my last Tip# 95 on Heresy

I wrote about Acharya S’s Gnostic take on the Bible, and then offered a critical review of her work from a website called Answering Infidels.  Here is a favorable review found on Free Thought Nation.  I must admit that this is a website that is connected with Acharya S, but it offers supportive reviews of her work by other academicians and ministers.

While we have been having lots of rain in Holland, I give thanks that it is nothing like the hurricane Irene that swept the East Coast of the US and especially hit my old home state of Vermont.

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