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This is the first Tip I've written in a while. I am almost finished writing my eBook, The Earth Mysteries Handbook:  Holistic Non-Intrusive Data Gathering Techniques, and while I had thought that I would wait 'till I had completed it before I wrote my next Tip, something has come up that I felt was important to share with you now.

1. The only thing you can't dowse is something you can't think of - (Read:  You can dowse anything).

2. I am a Geomancer (Geo = Earth, mancy = divination of).  I have been dowsing and studying these Earth Energies for over forty years, and dowsing is integral to my work with these energies of the Earth both in sacred and secular space.   There are both positive and negative issues related to them when we humans (and other animals and plants) come in contact with these intangible energies.  On the positive side, in sacred spaces, these energies enhance the possibility of connection to the Spiritual World.  On the negative side, in secular spaces, in peoples' homes and/or places where they work or spend a lot of time, certain Earth Energies can enhance the possibility of acquiring degenerative dis-ease - arthritis, cancer, colic in babies, auto immune disease, sleepness  and more.  In that case, these energies are referred to by geomancers as "geostress" - Earth induced/enhanced stress, and geomancers have developed a number of different ways to neutralise these yin energies.

In the past fifteen years or so, there has been more and more talk amongst geomancers who deal with "sick houses" about man-made energies coming from cell phones, computer and TV screens, digital alarm clocks, electric blankets, household wiring, high tension lines, radar sites, etc., etc.  These man-made energies that can contribute to ill health fall under a category that dowsers call "technostress."  They can be found and shown to exist using scientific instruments.

Last weekend, I was with a group of geomancers who are also members of the British Society of Dowsers (BSD).  We were talking about these two different kinds of energies that can be detrimental to a person's health.  Geostress can be dealt with by using dowsing and - the word I like to use to describe it - prayer to neutralise their effect.  On the other hand, technostress is dealt with through the use of various man-made apparatuses that can read these energies and other bits of gear that can neutralise them.

Some geomancers at the meeting felt that it was critical if they  wanted to bring healing to a house, they needed to bring in awareness of this technostress as well.  But then, I didn't hear any talk about other things that can make the people living in a house sick - radon gas, asbestos, lead paint and other things that can contribute negatively to the environment.

Where does one draw the line?  As one can dowse for everything, shouldn't one look for everything that can contribute to possible illness of the inhabitants?

Well, I would say that ideally, the answer should be "Yes."  But in reality, who knows the full list of things that can contribute to environmental degradation and lead to ill health?  As far as I know, no one can do it all.

I guess that I am a traditionalist.  For the past forty years, I've been involved in Earth Energies, and I have worked with them to help folks grow spiritually or to heal various kinds of ill health. 

I'm a geomancer, not a technomancer, and in addition, I honestly don't even consider asbestos, radon gas or lead paint.

This doesn't mean  that man-made electromagnetic energies can't mess you over, but so can asbestos and radon and so many other things.  I know people who are very good at working with these man-made problems, and if I am aware of issues in that area, I would recommend one of them to my client. 

But for me, I am going to stick with energies related to Mother Earth and ones that can be found and worked on through dowsing, and leave the electronic devices to others.

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