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Tip o’ the Week # 98
The 99%ers and The Fool

I’ve just returned from the United States where I found my old country sadly dysfunctional and more divided than ever.  From the grave concern about health care costs (mentioned by almost everyone) to the do-nothing Congress where half of the politicians have a to-hell-with-the-people attitude and seem determined not to vote for anything the President wants (so they can get rid of him in the next election).  So much for cooperation in a time of grave economic stress.  The list goes on and on, but perhaps the most exciting activity is taking place in New York where the 99%ers movement is known as “Occupy Wall Street.”  This mass movement stretches in numerous cities across the country to the West Coast where students at Davis were pepper-sprayed while they were quietly protesting by sitting arms locked in front of one of the university buildings.  And the establishment (purposely) misses the point by saying, “They don’t even know what they want!”

In the late sixties, when I was learning to be a public/state school teacher, undoubtedly the most important book I read was “Teaching as a Subversive Activity” by Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner.  (New York: Dell Publishing Co. ©1969. ISBN 0-385-29009-8).  Postman was one of the most highly thought of Primary School educators in the America in the last half of the twentieth century.  Back then (and sadly in many schools to this day) the idea was/is to get the students to sit in straight lines, shut up, pay attention, DON’T FIDGET!, and come up with the answer that the teacher thinks is correct. 

Postman wanted to be subversive.  He asked, “What if we taught them how to think?”

His first chapter on how to get students to do just that was entitled “Crap Detecting.”  How do you know when your teacher is full of crap?   The idea here is that you gotta first realize that something is wrong before you can think creatively about possible solutions.

I found myself in a similar situation at that time when talking with my father about Richard Nixon and Viet Nam and Watergate.  He finally said in exasperation, “Well if you don’t like it, what do you want?”  All I could come up with was, “Peace and Love.”  (Actually, not such bad ideas.)

(Hey, when is this going to have something to do with Geomancy!??  -  Hang in there, it’s coming soon.)

It’s the same thing now.  The 99%ers know they don’t like what’s going on.  What they don’t like is the entire system, and a lot of Americans agree with them, but the establishment nattering nabobs of negativity call them “hippy fools” because they are not being specific.  But these 99%ers' crap detectors are working just fine.

The Fool

In the Tarot, the Fool is number Zero, and has no specific place in the Major Arcana  because s/he is the Pilgrim on the path.  Folks who are asleep see what s/he is doing as foolish -  “Look at that damned Fool, he’s about to walk off a cliff!!”  But only the wise wo/man knows s/he’s a fool.  And in the Medieval court, only the Fool could tell the King where it was at and get away with it.

Now most of the 99%ers who are staging sit ins all over the US and Europe (and matched by the Arab Spring in Moslem lands) have an impact by their numbers.  Thousands of them.  But when I was in the Netherlands with Karin visiting our son Robbert Jan and his family in Baarn, he took me to a demonstration where just three men were out in the woods protesting essentially the same thing as all of the other 99%ers around the world.

Niburu Protesters

The Niburu Protesters of Baarn (180° panorama)
On the left at the end of the Avenue, Queen Juliana’s Palace
In the middle, the three protester’s encampment
To the right, Napoleon’s Obelisk

I went in to talk with them and to offer my support.  As usual, I couldn’t hold my curiosity in cheque, so I then asked them, “Why the hell are you protesting out in the woods instead of in the square in downtown Baarn where you would attract much more attention?”

They pointed out that they were encamped on the dead straight avenue (read: ley) that ran from Queen Juliana’s Palace to a massive obelisk that marked the Dutch defeat of Napoleon shortly before the English really finished him off at Waterloo. 

They were protesting on a power centre!  Those “Fools” were no fools.  They were using geomancy to empower their protest! 

May the Force Be With Them.

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