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Tip o’ the Week # 103 - Update

Dear [firstname]

Instead of the usual Tip on some aspect of Geomancy, this one is about new information concerning what I am up to.  I am now in Holland where my wife Karin and I have a flat in Enkhuizen, a lovely old town at the western end of the Markerwaarddijk that crosses what used to be called the Zuiderzee.

Enkhuisen is on the western end of the Markerwaarddijk (in red)
The dijk/dike is 32 kilometers/19.9 miles long ?Illustration is from <downwindofamsterdam.com

I’ve been working on my <Events> page for 2012.  If you live near any of them, it would be great to see you!

I had the sad job recently of taking over twenty names off of my mailing list because the emails bounced.  If you enjoy getting these Tips, and your email is going to change, please let me know what your new one is so you won’t miss anything.  sig@geomancy.org   ;  ) 

Sig's New Book

I am pleased to tell you that my Earth Mysteries Handbook: Holistic Non-Intrusive Data Gathering Techniques is now available now available on the iTunes store and you can find it here for $4.99. The following is from the Introduction to the Revised Edition section of Earth Mysteries Handbook: Holistic Non-Intrusive Data Gathering Techniques:

When I began the American Society of Dowsers (ASD)/New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA) Earth Mysteries Project almost thirty years ago, having just finished my Masters Program in the study of Sacred Space, I wanted to gather data on a significant number of the underground stone chambers that dotted the New England and Hudson River Valley of New York. In retrospect, I did this for two reasons:

I focused on three major aspects of Pre-Protestant Reformation Sacred Spaces:

Archaeoastronomy. Their sacred sites all over the world were oriented towards significant, usually horizonal, astronomical events. I focused on the Sun, but became aware that there were Lunar and Stellar alignments as well.

Sacred Geometry. They were built using a small handful of geometrical ratios all of which were in the ratio of an irrational number to One - the Square Roots of Two, Three, and Five, plus pi ∏, and phi ø. These irrational (i.e. ‘not rational’) numbers could assist the seeker to experience the irrational (read: Spiritual/intuitive) world more easily.

The Earth Energies. These older sacred sites were located at places where different life force systems of this planet came together, and were concentrated. I called these Earth Energy Power Centres, and, as I saw them, they consist of ‘Primary Water’ and ‘Energy Leys’.

So my first reason for this project was to see if these three components were to be found at the stone chambers of New England.

The second reason why I embarked on this project was that back in the late nineteen-seventies and early eighties, most American archaeologists and anthropoligists were blinded by their paradigm that other than Native Americans, Columbus was first, and so these chambers were Colonial Root Cellars - places where potatoes, carrots and other root crops could be safely stored over the winter. So my second focus at the beginning of this project was to gather enough data to convince the academicians and scientists that these were truly sacred spaces.

It didn’t work. Academicians shift paradigms very slowly (if at all). Columbus was first! They felt, for example, that builders did not know enough to have the precise knowledge of astronomy to orient their sacred places the way archaeoastronomers like Alexander Thom, Gerald Hawkins, Byron Dix and others were suggesting. Sacred Geometry? Are you telling me that the Neolithic people of Britain were using sophisticated geometry in the construction of their stone rings two thousand years before the Greeks invented geometry?!! (Let alone the “primitive savages” in New England!) And as for dowsing, where’s the empirical evidence that it is ‘real?’ There isn’t any.

I’ve learned a lot since 1985 when this Handbook was first published, and I have updated much of the data-gathering information to be found on the pages that follow. Perhaps the biggest change is one of focus. I am not particularly interested in presenting these data gathering techniques so you can use them to convince archaeologists - and scientists in general - of the reality that our ancient foremothers and fathers were into sacred geometry, archaeoastronomy and the Earth energies.  I suspect that this paradigm shift for most academic left-brainers to allow these possibilities is damn near impossible.

So, I now feel what is really important is for people who are new to the Earth Mysteries to convince themselves through the application of these essentially left brain practices of the reality that our ‘primitive savage’ ancestors were into these tools for expansion of consciousness and spiritual awareness. This will help you to get ready for (IMHO) the real work: experiencing for yourself the reality of these Mysteries. As I have long said, when ignorant folk use the term ‘primitive savages’, they are talking about a group of people who were more spiritually advanced than themselves. 

I trust that you will find this iBook an interesting, useful and exciting read. It can be read on an iPhone or better yet, an iPad. If you have an iBook or Phone, Download the iTunes App, and then get the book.  But, if you have a computer (Mac or PC), it won’t work, so you will need to get a special reader. To download it, go to iTunes <http://www.apple.com/uk/iTunes>.   Here are a few:

Calibre <http://calibre-ebook.com>   

Adobe Digital Editions <http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/>

Sony Reader for Mac <http://ebookstore.sony.com/download/>

Bookle <http://www.macworld.com/article/165235/2012/02/bookle_brings_epub_reading_to_the_mac.html>.  Sadly, Bookle is only available in the USA.

The problem with the above computer based readers is that they can not read <.mov> (movie) files - although I am not sure about Bookle).  I have two films in my Earth Mysteries Handbook.  If you need to use one of these computer book readers and want to see the film and animation, contact me at <sig@geomancy.org>, and I will send you a URL where you can see both a dowsing instructional film, and an animation of the Sun through the year that will give you a different perspective on Orthographic Projections.

I would appreciate hearing from you if you have any feedback or difficulties in getting this iBook. Hopefully a bit later I will also have this for Kindle Fire as an eBook on Amazon.  Sadly, the regular Kindle eBook Readers don't do a lot of the things that my book requires - like links and films.

Guess that’s it!

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