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MAG E-zine #20 - Reoldal

Dear [firstname]

As the titles of the last 110 Tip o' the Weeks implied, they were supposed to come out weekly; however, recently, for various reasons, they have not been coming out so frequently. 

So I have decided to revert back to the old name of my messages, MAG E-zine.  See my two MAG E-zine archive sections: <> and <>, and my more recent Tip archive: <>. (Therefore this is present effort is not a renewal but a reoldal - sorry about that).  My Tips were mostly concerned with the main topics of interest to geomancers - sacred sites including things like archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry, the Earth energies, dowsing and labyrinths - and also information on clearing sick houses and technopathic stress (secular geomancy).

ASD/NEARA Earth Mysteries Group
Gathering astronomical and sacred geometrical data
in the early 1980's

These pieces have fallen in to what whould mostly be called left-brain "research."  Before I go any further, I need to say that I do honour the data that researchers have written about, and for most of my active geomantic life, I could have been considered a researcher as well.  Left brain/analytical data IS important; however, now that I am well into the third third of my life, I am becoming much more interested in being a Seeker (in Christian terms, a Pilgrim) rather than a left-brain researcher.  I now intend to experience sacred space rather than to collect scientifically measurable data there.

The Fool
The foolish Spiritual Seeker
on the trail
(as seen by others)

So while I will undoubtedly be writing pieces that include data about these places, most of my focus will shift to experiences, and ways to encounter the spiritual realms face to face.  I have been seeking this ever since I began this journey back in the early seventies.  (Remember, my first book was Spiritual Dowsing.)

I must hasten to add that I will not be coming from any particular religious point of view.  I honour all paths with heart.  I won't be proselytizing.  I have no intent to convert you to anything!  As I believe I've said before, I'm not a prostelytute.  ;  )

What I do want to do in future issues of my MAG E-zine is to give you ideas, dear reader, that you can apply to whatever spiritual path you are walking.  Sacred Space is for everyone - not just for Neolithic pagans in Britain, Medicine Men in the Anasazi kivas of the American southwest, or for Shamans from Ulan Bator.  These spaces, found all over our planet, work for all who are seeking to connect with, and to experience, "the other side" directly (which, incidentally, I believe, is also right here).

For this reason, I am changing the title of my new iBook (available now only on iTunes) from Earth Mysteries Handbook: Holistic Non-Intrusive Data Gathering Techniques to Sacred Space Handbook.  But that new title is not yet up on either iTunes or on Amazon (I can only trust that this will happen before the end of June). It is designed to help you to gather the left-brain facts that might convince you that if you go to such a space it can enhance your spiritual life!  But more of that later.

If you have any thoughts or comments about any of this, please use the box at the bottom of the left-hand menu column on any page of Mid-Atlantic Geomancy.

So as we begin this new "Reoldal," I wish you

Indago Felix
To the Fruitful Search!


Sig Lonegren, Webmaster
Mid-Atlantic Geomancy
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