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MAG E-zine # 22 - The Pomp

It is part of my spiritual practice every day to go to my own personal sacred space to meet with my Spirit Guides, and other archetypes of the Great Mystery.  As a geomancer, I begin by going to sacred spaces I associate with places where I live.  For example, I go to Chalice Well in Glastonbury, and greet the Lady of the Well.  I also go to a lovely hill in Greensboro, Vermont (where I used to live) and greet Mother Nature there.  Recently, as we now have a small flat in Enkhuizen, in North-Holland, I have found myself going to De Pomp, an 18th Century public water pump on Kaasmarkt (Cheese Market) Street beyond the end of the Zuider Havendijk, the 13th century harbour in Enkhuizen.

Zuiderhaven Dijk         de pomp
Zuiderhaven Dijk
Oldest harbour in Enkhuizen
      Karin & De Pomp (the Pump)
Kaasmarkt, Enkhuizen, North-Holland

To be honest, I am not at all clear why I was drawn to this old pomp/water pump, but I found myself going there every night to greet the Spirit of Enkhuizen.  Earlier this year, I was shocked to find that it had been taken away, but it was only temporary.  The town of Enkhuizen was repairing the sewers on Kaasmarkt (Cheese Market), and when the job was complete, they put it back - not exactly where it had been, but now off the street on the sidewalk/pavement.

On my recent trip to the Netherlands, I went to an open morning at Oud Enkhuizen (the Enkhuizen Historical Society) to talk with Klaas Koeman, a town historian, to ask him what he knew about de Pomp.  Apparently, it had been used to clean the fish and other market products.  But more importantly, it did not have as its source, underground primary water or even water table water!  Apparently, quite early in the development of the town, the ground water became totally polluted due to industrial activity and salt intrusion from the Zuiderzee, the big body of water that Enkhuizen is on the coast of, though now, it is divided in half by a long dike, and the northern half is called the IJsselmeer.  As a result of this pollution, to get clean water, it came from rain water collected off the roof of De Waag (a governmental  building across the street where goods were weighed so they could be taxed).

power centre, de waag

De Waag: The building where goods were weighed,
and the source of rain water from the roof of De Waag
and piped into a tank under "De Pomp."

The Pump used to be located in the middle of the road
roughly at the blue dot, but was moved recently.

How could this mercantile centre be also a spiritual centre of this wonderful old Dutch town!??

Klaas Koeman spoke of several places in the town where "bubbles" of fresh water came to the surface. (I suspect that "bubble" could be the Dutch word for blind spring or dome.)  One was rich in iron - shades of Chalice Well!  There are also places of historic spirituality including Zuiderkerk and Westerkerk (South and West Churches).  And they also dowse as having Earth Energy Power Centres.

So why am I drawn to De Pomp?  First, it is on Kaasmarkt/Cheese Market.  Mark stones are often found at markets.  And more to the point, there is a "bubble" (read: blind spring) under the original location of the Pomp (see the blue dot in the picture above), and three energy leys cross through it. Other places with fountains have become the centre of spiritual activity - "Fountain International," an organisation started by Colin Bloy, is but one example.  I suspect that before the polluting effect of man's commercial activities and the intrusion of sea water into the dome, this bubble was a source of primary water for the town.

I honestly don't gnow how or why my intuition brought me to this unlikely power centre, but I now am rather firmly convinced that this was an important old power centre.  And, I always say to my dowsing and labyrinth students, "Go with your first hit!" So I plan to continue to use De Pomp as my symbol of a spiritual centre of choice for Enkhuizen.


Where is the nearest power centre/sacred space to where you are now?  .....


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