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In the next six months, I am giving several talks on "Animal, Mineral, Vegetable - How the Earth Energies Manifest Themselves to Those Who Have Eyes to See."  It is wonderful how many different ways one can "see" the Earth Energies at work in each of these three kingdoms without having to dowse for them.

An especially good example happened last weekend when Karin and I went to Essex to visit our good friends Jeff and Kimberly Saward.  Both of them have been very active over the years working with various aspects of labyrinths, and recently they built a small one in their back yard in Thundersley, Essex.

Jeff & Kimberley Saward
           The Saward Labyrinth 
 Kimberley & Jeff Saward   The Saward's Labyrinth 

We have visited their home on numerous occasions in the past, and each time, as twilight comes, their back yard is visited by foxes and badgers.  This time, it was no exception.

Mr. Fox    Mr. Badger 
 Mr. Fox    Mr. Badger

In the past we have seen two or three foxes together, and (I'm not kidding) up to ten badgers at one time in their back garden!  This past weekend we only saw one of each.  The next morning, I walked out to see if there might be some connection with the Earth Energies.  And sure enough, there was.  The only vein of primary water I dowsed that crossed the width of their back yard was where both animls entered their garden:

lawn & vein of water

 The back lawn with one vein of primary water
(in blue) crossing it.

And at the bottom of the wooden fence that separated the Saward's property from their neighbour's garden (on the left hand side), the badgers had knocked a hole in the fence.  They have their old trails, and intend on continuing to use them.  And that vein of primary water runs right under that hole in the wooden fence!

hole in the fence
Hole in fence with vein in blue

Jeff tells me that the badgers have always used this point to enter in the garden.  While they roam all over their back yard (the badger in the picture above was attracted by a stash of food the Sawards put out for the critters), they frequently follow a specific pattern - along that vein of primary water.

Vein Crosses Lawn
The vein in blue as viewed from the hole in the fence.
(Note that it skirts the Saward's labyrinth.)

Jeff told me that this was the primary path foxes and badgers use when entering and exiting their property. (The badgers seem to use it more than the foxes.)  This is one of the best examples I have seen that shows how animals seem attracted to underground veins of primary water. 

I have found the same attraction to yin Earth energy in the USA.  For example, woodchucks are America's badgers.  Their holes (the mouth to their burrows) are found on veins of water.  It is almost like if they need to get to their home for protection in a hurry, they just follow that vein.

While many animals are captivated by the Earth Energies, plants and even boulders demonstrate this attraction as well.


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p.s. A woman from Ireland dropped by today and wanted to know about the connection between the seven chakras and the Chartres labyrinth.  I don't know of any connection.  Do you?  If so could you please contact me by email?  Many Thanks.   }:-)