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MAG E-zine #24- Sig's New i/eBook


Dear [firstname]

This is a new venture for me as far as books are concerned.  All of my previous ones have been published in paper.  This one is digital.  It means that you will need either an iPad or a Kindle (preferably a Kindle Fire) to read it.  This makes it eminently portable and useable in the field, and is a clear advance on what one could do with just paper.  It also has animations, a long dowsing film, and links both to related sections of the i/eBook and to other relevant internet websites - all not possible in paper.

Of course, all the Earth is sacred, but there are places on our planet where it is easier to connect with the numinous. This e/iBook, Sacred Space Handbook, (ISBN 978-0-9571464-1-9) will show you how to gather data in these special sacred spaces (also called power centres) - including archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry, the Earth energies and other information. Once you become convinced that sacred space is "different," it will then help you to get ready for (IMHO) the real work: Experiencing for yourself the reality of the Spiritual Realms.

Calendar II
Betty Sincerbeaux at Calendar II in Central Vermont, USA.
This was the first sacred space where I experienced the power of place in 1969.
It is oriented towards the Winter Solstice Sunrise, has an interior ratio of 20':10', or 2:1,
and is constructed on an Earth energy power centre.  (I write about it in my Sacred Space Handbook.)

In a number of different ways, Betty Sincerbeaux was a major influence in my decision to get in to dowsing and Sacred Space. The first edition of this e/iBook was written in the early nineteen-eighties to convince academicians that the sacred sites in New England were not colonial root cellars (in British: "storage clamps")... It didn't work. Sadly, as far as archaeologists and other researchers were concerned, Columbus was first and the Native Americans were "Primitive Savages" and therefore they couldn't have been so sophisticated. They just couldn't shift their left-brained paradigms.

So this revision is written to convince the reader that sacred spaces are real, and once convinced, the reader may feel ready to experience the spiritual in these sites; consequently, this e/iBook is major revision of this handbook first published in 1985 under the title Earth Mysteries Handbook: Holistic Non-Intrusive Data Gathering Techniques


What other Geomancers have to say about my work:

I have (my students) reading your Spiritual Dowsing and Earth Mysteries Handbook, and 2-3 of them commented this last session about how much they appreciate your 'voice' - 'dear reader,' the way of speaking directly to them, 'put down the book and do the exercise,' and the s/he pronouns throughout. I love hearing how they get you and your heart-centered approach.

Richard Feather Anderson
American School of Geomancy


"Sig Lonegren stands as a bright candle and pioneer of his generation and of the re-emerging global awareness of Geomancy."

Dr. Patrick MacManaway
Geopathic Stress Consultant and Educator
Dragon Lines


You can order the Sacred Space Handbook with your iPad at iTunes ($4.99/ £4.99/€4.99) and for Kindle Fire from Amazon (this link is for the US site) for ($8.09/£5.14/€5,14).


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