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MAG E-zine #27 - Lovely Reactions

Dear [firstname]

Brough of Gurness

 I was pleasantly surprised at the number of positive responses I have received from MAG E-zine #26 - A Different Way To See. I seem to have struck a responsive chord.  I have found that by painting a scene in a sacred site, it helps me to tune in better, and to experience the, magic of the place.  Other readers seem to agree.  Here are just a few examples of the amazing feedback I have received:

"These are really lovely Sig! What better way to remember than when all the senses are engaged. It's such a direct connection - loving It !"  CR

"I like that idea about the water color paintings.  I'm not much of artist myself but they are not for anyone else."  ED

"Thanks for the latest E-zine 26. Its been an inspiration to me.
Funnily enough, Aqua and I have been doing watercolour classes at our local college for the last six weeks and I totally understand your reasons for these lovely drawings.
I also like the direct connection and meditative aspect of working this way. I still think there's a place for photography but there's no substitute for a drawing or watercolour when it comes to making that direct personal connection."  DH

"Perhaps you under estimate your artistic abilities (or maybe I have limited powers of what is good or poor?) but I do like your sketches of Glastonbury and Iona. They made an impact when I saw them. Especially that of Iona, a very special place for me. Thanks,"  RR

"Hello Sig, thank you for this, and your lovely sketches and water colours.  I do the same, and have done so for quite a few years, as I find it really helps me to connect with the Spirit of Place, and like you, I enjoy the process, and looking back at the pictures afterwards.  I am also an amateur, but as you say, it doesn't matter.  It is about capturing something special, and is almost a meditative process, I find."  SC

"Love this idea Sig and even more so that you use holy water from wells.You have inspired me.  I too like to paint when I'm in special and sacred places.  Thank you for sharing this with us."  YB

And last, but certainly not least:


There's one more picture that I would like to show you, while it has the Tor in the background, it is the foreground that has so many memories.

Beltane Camp 1986
Beltane/Chernobyl Camp 1986
West Pennard, Somerset, UK.
Glastonbury Tor in background

This was one of the early camps that I attended in the late eighties and early nineties.  We would spend ten days or two weeks outside camping together working on a common theme.  The theme on this one was Beltane.  It also was at the exact time of Chernobyl.  We were outside in the radioactive rain knowing that when we left camp, the world would have woken up to the dangers of nuclear power, and it would be stopped dead in its tracks.  (That shows how much we knew.)  But despite this particular sad misconception, these camps were excellent because they did wake us up to Nature and astronomy in ways one just can't find while living in a house.  They changed my life, and this picture takes me back to an important time in my spiritual life.

I want to thank the people who took the time to send me their thoughts on the vaue of painting pictures at places like Avebury and Glastonbury.   I can only trust that these two MAG E-zines have encouraged more of you to do some painting in sacred sites as a way to experience the Spiritual directly! 

Indago Felix!
To the Fruitful Search,


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Sig Lonegren
Mid-Atlantic Geomancy
SunnyBank Centre
Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8JE



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