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MAG E-zine #34 - On the Path in Cornwall

Dear [firstname]

RB*, an exGlastafarian now living with his partner P in the American Southwest writes me frequently about his reactions to my MAG E-zine and to bring me up to speed on his life in my old country.  Recently he wrote to me with his thoughts on my desire to experience sacred space rather than study or research it.  He writes,  "From my own experiences over the years, I've come to the conclusion that the only true way to "experience Spirit is to apply it toward something, toward some desire, be it to get something, heal someone, whatever, the result I get from each effort making a little more clarity about how Spirit works, which ends up making my moment to moment choices a little more wise.  I could be wrong about calling that spiritual evolution, but it has been working for me.  Just "feeling" Spirit though, with or without measuring anything, although it is a definite experience per se, doesn't pass on much information one can effectively "use".

RB* is suggesting that it works better when one goes in to sacred space to have a reason for going there - not tojust go in and see what happens (though that works sometimes as well). But I must agree with him.  In any spiritual activity, it is appropriate to have a reason to be working in the spiritual realms.  Like when I was younger, I used to go to church most Sundays because that was what I did.  I eventually dropped out...


While labyrinths can be just walked and see what happens, they are much more effective sacred space tools if you have a reason for walking it.  This can be as a "punishment" for little Johnny who is acting out in class.  Have him run it five times really fast.  He gets out of class, so he's happy, you as the teacher get to have some peace and quiet in class while he is gone, and Johnny comes back exhausted, happy, and with a more balanced brain.  Everyone benefits.

Personally, my major use of labyrinths employs a technique that I developed over twenty years ago for walking a classical seven circuit labyrinth.  It is a holistic problem solving process that assigns a meaning, or something to do, on each path.     (See my discussion of this on my Mid-Atlantic Geomancy website in the <Using Labyrinths> section.)  This presupposes that you have a reason for walking this ancient single-path tool in the first place.  This is the point that Rob Bernhardt is making.  Don't just walk in to a sacred space and space out.  Use it to benefit spiritually - or practically as an intuition enhancer. 

On Imbolc, I was asked by John and Jill Moss to come down to Cornwall to give a labyrinth workshop to their newly-formed Trencrom Dowsers.  But before walking a labyrinth, one can experience its magic when learning how to draw one. 

How to draw a classical left-handed
seven circuit labyrinth

But most exciting, we drew this labyrinth on the beach right by the low-tide "bridge to St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall.

St. Michaels Mount

High Tide
at St Michael's Mount (near Penzance in Cornwall).
The causeway to the island begins just beyond the white tube at the centre left-hand side of the picture.
Note that it is under the water.

The idea here was to show the participants how to draw a labyrinth in the sand.  I want to thank Pauline Shearer, a member of the Trencrom Dowsers, for giving me permission to use some of her words and some of her pictures from her website Cornwall's Living LandscapeShe writes, "The first job was to dowse for the position of the labyrinth and then to dowse for the direction in which the entrance or ‘en-trance’ should face.  John Moss, from Trencrom Dowsers, had whipped up a nifty piece of woodwork to act as a tool to mark out the labyrinth and it wasn’t long before volunteers were helping to mark it out in the sand.


starting making the walls
Starting the seed pattern Making the walls
the Outer walls Walking in and out
More walls - note the L shaped guide John built
to keep the wall equidistant
Finally everyone gets to walk it! 

It was great to walk with such an important power centre in the background.  It added greatly to the occasion.

 About the experience, Pauline wrote, "Labyrinths can be used to help balance the brain. From the people I spoke to who did this walk, and myself included, there was a consensus that it had a very calming effect no one was in a rush to leave despite the cold wind.

"Such was the enthusiasm for this exercise I suspect that this part of Cornwall will soon be experiencing a new phenomena – labyrinth building!"

after the walk
Michael's Mount at Low Tide

This picture was taken after most of the participants had walked it and we had closed the ceremony/portal.  Most had gone home, but a good number hung around mesmerised by the energy we had created. The sand on that beach was particularly good for making labyrinths. Almost sixty people had walked it, and the walls and paths remained in great shape!

It was an honour to build this temporary sacred space so close to one of the major power centres in England. 


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