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A Necessary Shifts in Consciousness
Labyrinths & Life Coaching:
Lessons Learned

Dear [firstname]

I have been working with labyrinths since the early eighties as a tool that can give me intuition on demand.  I have been using the Tarot to assist people through difficult times (similar to Life Coaching) since nineteen-sixty nine.  So I had been looking forward to introducing the use of the labyrinth to professional Life Coaches at the Schaapshoeve (a lovely centre for personal growth and well-being) in Langenboom in the province of Brabant, The Netherlands.

Many of the students were already familiar with labyrinths.  Schaapshoeve has recently constructed a classical seven circuit labyrinth in the yard next to their centre.

de schaapshoeve labyrinth
This is not a picture of people dematerializing -
(beam me up Scotty).  I stitched together two photos
to make one picture of the Life Coaches walking
The Schaapshoeve Labyrinth.

The workshop began on familiar grounds - how to draw a labyrinth, pictures of labyrinths around the world and their different uses, and my seven step problem-solving process.  So far, so good.

To get to how it could be used in Life Coaching, we used wooden 2-Person/2-Handed Cretan Intuipath labyrinths developed in the USA by Neal Harris at Relax4Life in Barrington, Illinois, USA. 

 2-Person/2-Handed Cretan Intuipath labyrinth

2-Person/2-Handed Cretan Intuipath® Labyrinth

The coach "walks" his/her labyrinth with their finger keeping pace with the client, and asking relevant questions associated with each path.  The client verbalizes what they are thinking/feeling/seeing as they move along the path to the goal.

Two people working on Labyrinths & LifeCoaching
An exercise in coaching a client
using the
2-Person/2-Handed Cretan Intuipath Labyrinth.

If done well, the client can really learn a great deal about issues in their life that can benefit from Life Coaching.

They say that you can learn a lot from your misteaks.  Usually, walking a labyrinth is a personal adventure.  It's a one wo/man show, and primarily a subjective experience.  As I had never taught this specific use of labyrinths before where one person is coaching a student/client to assist them in looking holistically at issues in their life, I hadn't realised that using labyrinths to coach someone else requires a different level/kind of consciousness, or mode of functioning.  The coach needs to be much more objective in guiding the client through the paths while the client can move into the subjective intuitive world.

it didn[t work
Sometimes, it didn't work

I had not shared this bit of reality with the class, and as a result, for some, it just didn't work.  In this case, the "coach" was in the consciousness they had had when walking a labyrinth on their own, and it just got too complicated!  I should have spoken earlier about the necessity of shifting to a more rational mode that is critical for the coach when guiding someone through the labyrinth.


It would have been useful if I had demonstrated with one of the students how to "walk" this 2-Person/2-Handed Cretan Intuipath Labyrinth before asking them to coach this process themselves.  This would have clearly show how the Coach needs to work in a more linear, left-brain mode, and the client can then be free to work with a more intuitive level of consciousness.

So this was my first time using these special labyrinths.  I trust that this process will prove to be a useful tool in the field of Life Coaching.



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