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MAG E-zine #36 - New Sacred Spaces in Holland

Dear [firstname]

As she is Dutch, and has both lots of family and a new and growing business in vintage English tableware over there, my wife Karin and I have been traveling more and more to the Netherlands, and I have been writing about new sacred spaces that I have been finding. Several years ago we both taught at Centrum Athanor where they have built a labyrinth and a beautiful stone ring with a lovely Winter Solstice Sunset alignment in my Tip o' the Week #70.  Karin's sister, Sylvia Schlüter, lives in Koekange, Drente.  She built a lovely seven circuit stone labyrinth in her back garden that I wrote about in my Tip o' the Week # 87 (Her little village of Koekange in Drente has been very active in building and honouring sacred spaces.  I'll write more about this village later.)

De Schaapshoeve

De Schaapshoeve  (The "Sheep Shed" in English) Sheepshed is the Spiritual/Alternative Thinking centre is in the south of the Netherlands in Langenboom.  This was where I taught Life Coaches to use the double wooden finger labyrinth that I wrote about in my most recent MAG E-zine # 38It is run by a dedicated team.  I have had most contact with Jack Peters, Carin Wennink, and Simon Ruiter.  They have constructed several sacred spaces there that I found most interesting.

sheepshed labyrinth tree of Life
Seven Circuit Classical Labyrinth

Tree of Life built by Simon Ruiter
Malkuth is to the left and Kether is to the right
The Tree of Life metamorphosed in to Hopscotch.  Can you see it?


On our day off at the Schaapshoeve, Jack and Carin took us to a very different labyrinth centre called Angel-Place. It is run by Henry Stoffelen & his wife Jolanda.  While they are indeed single paths with low walls, most are not really labyrinths in the traditional sense.  Also, on the two below, unlike a traditional labyrinth, you do not exit the at the same mouth that you came in.  The coloured places have words for you to consider while walking the path.

V Labyrinth


4 labyrinths in one

 A triangular Labyrinth Four labyrinths in one
Jack, Carin, Henry & Sig at Angel-Place

Jack Peters, Carin Wennink, Henry Stoffelen and Sig
standing in front of the Four Labyrinths in One

Struunpad Koekangerveld

 Christel Vandermaelen is a friend of my sister-in-law Sylvia Schlüter.  They live in the same Drente village Koekange.  When Cristel heard that I was going to visit Sylvia and her husband John Marriott, she asked if I might be wiling to do some dowsing for her.  She first wanted me to dowse the best place for a monument to mark an event that occurred there over a hundred years ago.  But it was what she wanted me do do at the villages new community centre that excited me the most. 

Struunpad Koekangerveld

The Koekangerveld Community Centre

In addition to the well-built and functional building itself at Koekangerveld it was the Struunpad (Wander Paths) surrounding land that had a number of features built by Ruurd van Donkelaar that would be of interest to any Earth Mysteries enthusiast.  Here are but a few examples:

Spiral Hill Picture framing Nature
Spiral Hill Picture Framing Nature

Ruurd at Sundial

where you stand
Ruurd at the Sundial A wider view
where you stand human gnomon
Where you stand A human gnomon.
See where his shadow points to.

This sundial is really innovative! The gnomon is a human who just has to have some Sun, and needs to stand on the correct month in the centre.  But I went there to dowse the best place for a labyrinth.  The first few spots I was shown were really not appropriate - one was in the centre of a young tree plantation that would make a much better maze.  But finally, we came to an open field that was perfect!  As there was snow on the ground, after dowsing the goal and orientation of the mouth, I took a long string that equaled the radius of the labyrinth and walked it round the perimeter of the labyrinth leaving a circle in the snow.

marking the perimeter of the labyrinth

Marking the perimeter of the labyrinth.
Hanny van Putten holds the rope in the goal, as Sig walks the perimeter.

There was one final thing that needed to be done before I left this wonderful community park.  Wesley Zwiers is a young teenager who has helped Ruurd to build a number of the sites at the Struunpad in Koekangerveld.  He was with us for our entire journey that day, and stands left of me in the picture above.  Wesley was most fascinated by my L-rods, so I took some time to help him get the feel of the rods when thy go out when over a vein of primary water.

Wesley dowsing
Wesley dowsing for water.

A wonderful way to end any dowsing expedition in the field:

Teach a youngster how to dowse.


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