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MAG E-zine #45 - Het Meisje van Yde
(The Girl from Yde)

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Yde Girl1
Het Meisje van Yde

(The Girl from Yde)

In May 1897, workers digging for peat found a 2000 year old body in a bog in northern Netherlands between Vries and Yde in the province of Drenthe.  It was the remains of a girl in her mid teens who was about four-and-a-half feet tall.  In 1994, she was given the face above by the use of computer facial reconstruction.  She actually looks like this:

Yede girl2    Yde Girl 3
Het Meisje van Yde

In the Drents Museum, Assen

Clearly, like so many other bog burials, she had been a sacrificial offering. Her neck had a tight rope around it, and she had a stab wound just above her left clavicle.  The exact spot  where the peat digggers found her isn't known today, but there is a memorial in that general area called "The Broken Cirkel (Circle)," to symbolise the early termination of Het Meisje van Yde(Yde is pronounced: Ēedĕ - the final ĕ is pronounced like e in "le," the French word for "the".)  In 2010, labyrinth builder and sculptor Derk den Boer built the monument to her using over 600 erratic boulders to construct a massive seven circuit labyrinth.

Broken Circle Stone
The Broken Cirkel Stone Marker

Broken Circle Labyrinth
The Broken Cirkel Labyrinth
Built by Derk den Boer in 2010 to mark
Het Meisje van Yde was found.

I sadly did not have a tape measure with me, but I would guesstimate that it was at least 40 Yards (36.5+ Meters) in diameter.  I would have to say that, when I used my Pilgrim's Path Technique for looking at issues that seek resolution, for me, this labyrinth was way too long to be able to hold the necessary focus.  (When using this technique, I prefer to work with a 35 foot diameter max for a seven circuit labyrinth.)

Interestingly enough, while I usually dowse Earth Energies that are drawn to a labyrinth when it is regularly walked, in this case, I found only one vein of primary underground water (450 feet down) that ran across the labyrinth perpendicularly to the mouth, though it did cut through the goal.  But this single vein that doesn't even exit out the mouth was not I would have expected to find at such a prominent labyrinth.   There were no yang energy leys there at all.  It felt incomplete. 

I had heard about The Het Meisje van Yde labyrinth for quite a while, and had been anxious to visit it.  While it certainly was impressive due to its size and the size of a number of individual stones, I have to admit that from a geomantic point of view, it was a bit disappointing.  (You can see a video of the construction of The Broken Circle Labyrinth here.)

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p.s. You might enjoy listening to a radio interview with Marty Cane - Dowser, Geomancer and Labyrinthophile.  She is an old friend, a long-time member of the Board of the American Society of Dowsers, and a Founding Member of The Labyrinth Society.  As far as I know, she has probably built more labyrinths around the world than anyone else.  Well worth listening to!