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MAG E-zine # 46
Some New Connections

Dear [firstname]

Instead of an exploration of one specific topic of interest to geomancers, this MAG E-zine is a selection of interesting/useful connections that I have recently collected and thought that they might be of interest to you. 

Unity Through DIversity

Glastonbury: Inspiring Unity Through Diversity

Glastonbury of the 21st century has emerged as a place that integrates many paths and beliefs and this is reflected in the wide and varied cultural experiences, activities and colourful personalities that can be found in this vibrant, captivating place. Glastonbury: Inspiring Unity Through Diversity is a new site that promotes all of the different activities with heart that are going on in our amazing Isle of Avalon.

Sig's Videos

Basic Pendulum Dowsing - A short intro video Sig made several years ago.

Building Labyrinths
Sig Lonegren

Building Labyrinths   Part 1  and Part 2  - A film in two parts of a talk I gave on these ancient sacred space tools made by my friend Michael Shaffer in 2003.

Sacred Spaces in the Netherlands - A short video of a talk on I gave at the Megalithomania Conference in Glastonbury in 2012. I am getting more and more aware of the amazing number of sacred sites in this small country, and will undoubtedly be telling you more as I continue to visit my wife Karin's homeland.

The Dowsing World Summit

 Pagtrick MacManaway

Dr. Patrick MacManaway

Patrick MacManaway who is in my opinion one of the best geomancers on this planet has recently emailed me to say,"Greetings to all both north and south of the equator this comes to you with news of an online event that I want to share with you as an opportunity for "home accelerated dowsing"...

Patrick is one of the presenters at the Dowsing World Summit that has been organized by Maggie & Nigel Percy. It involves 45 minute training seminars with 12 international dowsers, available online with downloadable handouts for each training, and discounted offers on products from each of the participant speaker / trainers.

The Dowsing World Summit runs from September 24th for four days, you can review the programme and get early registration discount.

Heal Your Life with Dowsing is a free one-hour event beforehand, on September 10th, Nigel & Maggie are hosting this webinar.


Editorial Comment

Dowsing and other kinds of alternative thinking have been taking some heavy blows recently here in the UK.  First came homeopathy which the big pharmaceutical companies tried to squash.  As for dowsing, it was used effectively in VietNam to find the underground tunnels of the Viet Cong.  Today, the fancy L rods that were sold (at admittedly unconscionable high prices) to detect roadside bombs have been trashed in the courts. As far as I know, they're not perfect (dowsers never hit 100%), but they still work better than other kinds of scientific bomb detectors. The guys who sold them should be flogged, but, in the process, Science and the Courts have adjudicated that dowsing doesn't work. !  Oh well...

Now, there are the UK government’s plans for internet censorship, which look set to include a ban on esoteric websites and web forums!  Alongside this dubious move, it has come to light that there is already a dangerous precedent set here in the UK, with public WiFi hotspots at McDonald's and Caffe Nero blocking "alternative belief/spirituality" websites, and Orange blocking websites that promote “esoteric practices” on their pay-as-you-go phones.

It is good to see that events like The Dowsing World Summit and sites like Unity Through Diversity are working to build confidence in things esoteric at a time when, sadly, dowsing and other "irrational" topics seem to be undergoing concentrated attack.

Indago Felix,
To the Fruitful Search,


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