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Dear [firstname]

On the Equinox, Karin and I went to Avebury to meet Bill and Barbara Cheeseman, some old old friends that I knew back in Greensboro, Vermont in the late seventies.  While they live in Gloucestershire, and work at Oxford, we had not seen them for some inexplicable reason since our wedding back in 1999.  We got on like a house-a fire (That could be an American expression.  It means "real good")!

Bill and Barbara Cheeseman    Karin and Sig
Bill and Barbara Cheeseman   Karin and Sig

In front of the Blocking Stone at the West Kennett Long Barrow, Avebury

We had agreed to meet at the Circle Cafe, which used to be The Stones, and had a quick lunch.  Since they were not deeply involved in the Earth Mysteries, I wanted to take them to two different places in the Avebury Megalithic Complex.  In the SouthEast quadrant there is a stone that I have used over the years to have people spin off, and I wanted them to experience it.

Spinning off a stone

Preparing to be spun off "my" spinning stone
(Picture taken several years ago)

Walking there, we came to the Red Lion Pub.  It was over run with pagans getting ready to celebrate the Equinox.

Red Lion 1   Red Lion 2

Pagan celebrants in front of the Red Lion Pub

It felt like I was back in Glastonbury!  As we watched, they got up and went out to the stone row where my spin off stone was located, and by the time we got there, they had already formed a circle that incorporated my stone!  Obviously, we couldn't use it then.   :  (     So we went off to the West Kennet Long Barrow with the intention of coming back to spin there later.

West Kennett Long Barrow   View down the chamber
The West Kennet Long Barrow   The View down the Chamber.
Can you feel the Equinox energy?

It was the Autumnal Equinox, and as this magnificent barrow is oriented due East and looks at a level horizon where the Sun rises due East on both Equinoxes anywhere on our planet.  When the Neolithic people closed down this long barrow (around 3000BCE±) they put in an enormous blocking stone at the mouth of the chamber to block the Sun. (It is the one we are standing in front of at the beginning of this issue of MAG E-zine.)

I have a special relationship with the West Kennet Long Barrow.  Many years ago, I was meditating in the second side-chamber on the left when it came to me that long ago, I had gone there to die.  Ever since then, I think of this barrow as the place of my ancestors.

Ancestors' side chamber

Place of my ancestors
The second side chamber on the left,
West Kennet Long Barrow


We went back to the big circle to spin off "my" stone.  As luck would have it, a small group of pagans were still there, and guess which stone they were gathered around.      Yup.      :  (    again.     We'll give it a try when next we are in the Avebury Henge.


Two Quick Non-Sequitors

In MAG E-zine 36, I wrote about setting out a labyrinth at the Struunpad in Koekangerveld, Denthe, The Netherlands.  They finished it last week.  The walls are grass, and the path is soft sand.  I look forward to next February when I'll give it a try!

Struunpad Labyrinth

New Labyrinth at the Struunpad

On Saturday I was in Avebury, on Sunday morning I was back in Glastonbury with my Coffee Klatch.  I thought that you might like to see some of them.

my coffee Klatsch

Sig's Coffee Klatsch
From left to right: Sandra, Hugh, Chris, Tony, Sky and Tony (a.k.a. Ynot)


May This Equinox Bring You the Ballance You Seek!



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