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Tip o' the Week

Dear [firstname]

The last week has been a frustrating one in the computing area of our life. We could not send out most the items we’d planned from emailing our Tip o’ the Week, to uploading to our Blog.  This was due to the fact that our ISP was migrating from one server to another, and nothing seemed to work (for example, we still can not upload pictures to this Tip o’ the Week, but at least we can email to you now!  :  ).

Now it seems that again we are able to send out our mailing, however, it will arrive in your mail box in another format than you have been used to thus far. Luckily, Sig and I stayed centred and calm through this fierce computer-storm, thanks to the colour visualization you find below.

Psychic Bodywork

One readily available energy you can work with is colour. Here follows a way to energize and centre yourself:

Sit still for a moment, or even better, lie still in your bed before starting a busy day, and invite a colour to come to your consciousness. Grab the very first colour that comes to mind.

Then, starting at your toes, fill your whole inner body with that colour, just as you would see a bottle being filled with fluid. Let the colour overflow from your crown chakra and fill your aura or energy field, which lies just outside your physical body. Smile to yourself, while you are bathing in your own personal grounding colour. After a few seconds (this process really does not take up much of your time) stretch your body while you are preparing to step out of bed and start the day fully centered and vibrant.

This is the time of year where the light is returning, colour, from now on will return to nature, soon the first blossoms will appear on wild apple and other shrubs. This time of year is called Imbolc. The yew’s milk will start running, the young will be abundantly there and need to be fed. The official date for Imbolc is the first of February, so, for reasons stated above, this is a bit late, but Happy Imbolc!


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