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Dear [firstname]

First Some Bad News:

I am on my knees in humble apology for not being able to send out for the past several weeks, our supposedly "weekly" editions of Tip o' the Week.  For reasons that are too technical for me to totally understand myself, when the ISP of our SunnyBank Centre and Mid-Atlantic Geomancy websites moved to a new server, <ListMessenger> (our newsletter mailing software that has worked so well in the past) didn't do several critical things necessary to be able to send out the kind of Tips we want to share with you.  I believe that we are finally on the road to freedom from glitch city, and trust you will enjoy this news letter.  Thank you for bearing with us.

And Now Some Good News:

Karin's son, Robbert Jan and his wife Sara, have presented her with her first grandchild, Annalisa!  Karin is with them as I write this, and will be over there in the Netherlands for much of February to also visit with family and do some teaching.  (If you might be interested in booking a Psychic Bodywork session while she is over there, you can phone her at 0614 956 617.)


The Tarot

Tarot Cards

SunnyBank Centre and Mid-Atlantic Geomancy websites explore many different topics and offer a number of different services.  One of the major aspects of our work is an emphasis on employing and teaching various forms of divination - Communication with the Divine (how-ever you may define that).  We have found that these tools enhance the possibility that you can connect more clearly with your intuition and the Spiritual world, and, in the process, expand your consciousness.

One of these tools is the Tarot. For me, these amazing cards speak about what is going on in a person’s life NOW.  Some card readers are fortune tellers. I’m not one of them.  I believe in free will, so I feel that we create our own reality, and to a certain extent, can control where we are going - within the context of the only reality that I believe is truly “real” - the now. 

There are some readings that are way too nebulous for words.  This is sometimes the reader’s inability to clearly articulate the sense of what the cards are saying, or, it can be a reflection of the confusion and uncertainty that the querent is going through right now - at the time of the reading.  However, the vast majority of the time, when used to see what is happening now, these cards never cease to amaze me with their uncanny accuracy.

An added bonus of having your reading in Glastonbury, is that you can then go to a sacred site here in town, and use the energies there to nail down what is necessary for your next (positive) step.  You can find out more about the Tarot and how I do my readings (and e-readings) by following this link.
    Make your next visit to this magical town more memorable by including a reading that can give clarity to difficult questions you are facing and can also assist in making the path ahead more clear.  }:-)

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