Tip # 5


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Orbs in our garden
Orbs in our Summer Garden

Anyone with a digital camera can have orbs in their pictures when they use their flash. Orbs are those strange circular lights appearing in your photos, every now and then, or even, for some, most of the time.

Take your digital camera and go and sit quietly in your sitting room at home. Tune in or meditate or do whatever is good for you to reach a still place in your heart. When you have reached that place, take a photo. Check it for orbs.

If there are many or few or none, start a dialogue with them and ask if they would be willing to be there with more clarity, or with more orbs, and explain that you are doing an experiment with your camera. See what emerges.

You can see other examples of orbs and more discussion about them at  <http://www.sunnybankglastonbury.co.uk/orbs/index.html>.

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