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Sacred Geometry

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Anundshög, the biggest man-made mound (in the upper right-hand corner of the picture below), is near Västerås in central Sweden.  In addition, it has a number of smaller burial mounds, a long stone row with a massive rune-covered stone in it (not in this picture), and Tibble, a nearby fifteen circuit classical labyrinth; however, most impressive are the vesica-shaped Viking stone settings that have clearly been constructed using sacred geometry.  The yellow tape was put there for this photo by Swedish dowser Dan Mattsson for measuring purposes.

Anungshog, Sweden
Viking stone Ship Settings
 at Anundshög in central Sweden

The purpose of Sacred Geometry is to work on humans as if they were a well built musical instrument.  For example, a violin is built to resonate best within a certain frequency range.  Sacred spaces all over the world used a handful of geometrical ratios to get humans to vibrate at the optimum frequency for whatever that site was set up to do - healing, foretelling the future, long distance communication or more easily consciously connecting with the spiritual realms.

Sacred Geometry is found at pre Protestant Reformation sacred sites all over the world in almost every culture.  It is based on literally a hand-full of ratios, but modern Western Man IMHO has significantly complicated what is in essence a relatively simple subject.

One final though.  YOU CAN NOT UNDERSTAND SACRED GEOMETRY WITH YOUR LEFT BRAIN!!!  YOU MUST DO IT WITH YOUR HANDS - with at straight edge, a pencil, and a pair of compasses to truly gnow what sacred geometry is all about!!!

For further information, check out our Sacred Geometry section of our MAG (Mid-Atlantic Geomancy) website.


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