Tip o' the Week # 7

The Glastonbury Wishing Pouch

Dear [firstname]

Wishing Pouch
Glastonbury Wishing Pouch

These pouches are a fun way to focus your intent. It is good to give words to your deepest wish and write them down; life can only become clearer when you are clear about what you really want from it. So, in itself, the writing down of your wish is good practice - this is the first action of intent.

I use discernment in stating my wish and this is the way I give my wish to the universe: I carefully choose my words in the most positive way I know how. Then I place the pouch under my pillow for a full moon cycle. After 28 days I take the paper out of the Wishing Pouch and give my wish to one of the four elements, trusting that the energy of my words will be taken in by the energy of the Universe. I burn my wish in the garden, or I bury my wish in it, I flush my wish through the loo (use easily dissolvable, eco-friendly paper) or I shred the paper with my wish on it in tiny pieces and throw them in the air. May I suggest you do this in your own garden? Here too, use easily dissolvable eco-friendly paper - this is the second action of intent.

After undertaking the previous steps, you have to stay alert to what is coming into your life, in helping you to realize your wish. The answer to your wish can come from unexpected angles and in ingenious ways!

SunnyBank Spiritual Seekers Supply Store

You can purchase one of Karin’s Glastonbury Wishing Pouches at our internet SunnyBank Spiritual Seekers Supply Store, which we just put in to operation this past week after eight months of preparation by Sig and Chas Stoddard, his technical support person.  In addition, you can get books, various services from Karin and Sig at SunnyBank Centre in Glastonbury, several different types of psychic e-readings if you don’t live in the area, as well as access to their teachings and workshops.  In the future, we will be adding to our list of offerings to include such items as Sig’s SunnyBank Pendulum, the Glastonbury Wooden Finger Labyrinth and more.  Check out the home page of our store for three free offerings.

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