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Dear [firstname]

I went to a talk last evening by Peter Knight who has made some amazing terrestrial landscape sacred geometrical discoveries about something he calls the "The Wessex Astrum," a rough hexagonal six pointed star.  At one point he told us about being asked once at a talk he was giving what was the most important sacred site he knew of.  His answer was simple and to the point - the Earth.  All of Her. 

All the Earth is sacred,  All of our formothers and fathers gnew that, and just as they had people called medicine wo/men to help in healing the sick, and shamen to travel to the other realms to bring messages from the dead or from the spirit world, there were people whose job it was to assist the community to live in harmony with the Earth.  While we do not actually know what they were called in prehistory, today, these people are called geomancers.  Just as their predecessors did, today they can help individuals locate their homes at points that are conducive to health and growth, and they also can help communities to locate and construct their ceremonial centres.  These power points enhance the possibility of, among other things, fortelling the future as they did at Delphi, or for healing at places like Lourdes, or for perhaps the most important thing a truly sacred space can do - in assisting each individual to communicate with, and to experience, their Maker.

Winter Solstise Sunrise at Calendar II

Winter Solstice Sunrise
at Calendar II
in Central Vermont, USA

But Western Man, as he sinks further and further into materialism, has lost touch with the Earth - it’s just a place to excavate and carve up to provide the goods we all think we need to keep us happy.  And in the process of removing ourselves from the Earth we want more matter - not Mater.  We’ve lost touch with the sacred.

Geomancy is one way one can reconnect.  By working with the Earth instead of ravaging it, geomancers are showing us the way back - to the One.  To the Great Mystery.


Sig Lonegren
Mid-Atlantic Geomancy