Tip o' the Week

 Tip o' the Week # 9

Come To Your Inner Senses

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Dear [firstname]

We are getting  lots of messages  at SunnyBank Center of messages of gratitude and joy from subscribers to our Tip O’ the Week. Here is just one:

“I can't tell you how happy I am when one of your newsletters arrives. I print it out in color and leave it near my desk at home to see often for a few days. No idea exactly how or why, but it brings such a sense of "Ah, yes, this is lovely to have in my life, just right, yes," and the good feeling stays. Always brightens the day.  Thanks for it, a lot.”

And in turn, this makes us happy too! Thank you all for sending us your feedback, and thank you too for forwarding the Tips to your friends and family.

Now for this week's Tip: Come to Your Inner Senses

A playful way to kick-start your psychic abilities development is using the phone as a tool for expanding your intuition.

Every time your phone rings, before you pick it up, tune in and say aloud to your self, "Who is phoning me?"  Always go with the first name or image you hear or see that comes to you.

Be prepared for some frustrating experiences in the beginning; don’t despair, after a while it is more than likely that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this experiment.

If you like it, you can keep a list of how many phone callers you have intuited right; you’ll have psychic esteem-boosting evidence at hand, something to be proud of!

Check out our SunnyBank Center website and read about our intuitive development workshops.
Karin Schlüter Lonegren