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Tip o' the Week # 11 - SunnyBank Logo

Our SunnyBank Centre Logo

SunnyBank Logo

Dear [firstname]

Our SunnyBank Centre logo combines Sig and Karin Lonegren's symbols for the Divine. While they are our personal symbols, they also can be seen everywhere in nature and in spiritual imagery all over the world.

Karin's Sun & Moon
Karin’s Symbol of the Divine:
The Sun and the Moon

"The Moon cradles the Sun. It is a symbol that depicts the perfect unity and balance of the Universe. When I want to feel especially close to whatever created the Universe, I visualize this symbol; it brings me calm and centeredness. It also makes me connect more with my psychic and healing abilities. Having the fob in the palm of my hand when I dowse with my pendulum, I feel that the healing power and wisdom of the Universe is closer to me, it gives me strength and vision." - Karin

Druidic Cross
Sig’s Symbol of the Divine:
The Celtic Cross

"This Celtic Cross was given to me by my first landlord here in Glastonbury, Ray Kerley, whose family had long been Welsh Druids. He was a jeweler, and made a copy of his family’s cross that I have worn on a chain around my neck since the mid-eighties. It is essentially a plus sign in a circle, but there are many other bits in it as well - the four arms of the cross represent the Quarter Days of the Winter and Summer Solstices crossed by the two Equinoxes. The little black balls in the corners of the cross are the Celtic Cross Quarter days of Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasad. You can learn more about this Celtic Cross here, but at its heart is the circle and equal armed cross, which has become my symbol for the Divine." - Sig

Combined, Karin and Sig’s symbols for the Divine make a boat sailing into the future, and together, they have become our logo for SunnyBank Centre.

Sig's SunnyBank Pendulum
SunnyBank Logo
on Sig’s SunnyBank Pendulum
"Carry a bit of The Land of Avalon
in your Pocket"

Karin & Sig Lonegren

Karin & Sig Lonegren
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