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Tip o' the Week # 12

Psychic Bodywork

Hands on Annalisa


Dear [firstname]

As children, we remember our parents rubbing our hurt knee after falling. Now when we feel hurt physically we bring our own hands to the place that hurts. When we have a heart-ache we want to be in someone’s arms, to feel the closeness and comfort of another human being.  That is an act of healing. Any parent, grandparent, friend and animal lover, does the natural thing for humans to do: the laying on of hands.

Next time, when you feel aches and pains, tap psychically and intuitively into that space of the nurturing parent, the loving friend or make that deep still contact with the love you feel for yourself. Generate that feeling in to your heart, let your heart expand and imagine how the healing energy or love flows through your heart into your hands.  Then, feel the warmth of your hands flowing into the place that hurts.

It can bring relief not only to the physical body, but it also can ease emotional pain. Place your hands on your heart. Now take a deep breath in and breathe slowly out - the only thing a body can do by breathing out is to relax - and visualize the healing energy or love flowing back from your hands into your heart space. Repeat this breath-work a few times and then look into the mirror and see your eyes shine!


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