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Tip o' the Week # 14 - Flowers
Come To Your Inner Senses


Dear [firstname]

Here's an exercise to help you to increase you ability to come to your inner senses. Go to your local flower shop with the intent to treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers. You will not buy just any flowers, the flowers you’re about to purchase have called you, and you buy them because you’ve listened to their and your inner voice.

While you walk or drive to the place that sells flowers, keep centered and grounded. State your intent very clearly to yourself, the universe and the flowers available in the shop. For instance; “When I walk into the flower shop, I will hear the flower that is calling out to me, I will listen to that inner voice and act upon it.”  So, when you walk in to the shop, first thing to do is to listen. Where do your eyes go first? What is the first thing you smell?

Take the flowers you have connected with home. Take care of them and as long as they are alive and fresh, focus on them in meditation. Do they have a message for you? Ask them to appear in your dreams, and pay attention to all that is happening there. Look them up in a book. Does their colour, Latin or folk name, or possible medical use carry a meaning for you?

When it is time for your flowers to “move on”, do your best to find a graceful and grateful way to discard them. Don’t just chuck them in the garbage.  If you have a compost heap, place them there, or otherwise, find a corner in your garden (or a public green space?) for them to return to Mother Earth.

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