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Tip o' the Week # 15 - World Labyrinth Day

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Zennor Beach on the west coast of Cornwall is a broad expanse of white sand full of surfers riding in on magnificent waves.  It was also a perfect place for us to make a sand labyrinth to "walk one at One (pm)" on May 2nd, The Labyrinth Society's World Labyrinth Day.  Karin and I were down at St. Just on the Cornish coast just above Land's End. In the nineteenth century, it had been a centre for tin-mining, but is now a small town whose industry is mostly built on the tourist trade.  John Moss, Director of the British Society of Dowsers, and his wife Jill, a teacher of dyslexic college students, had invited us to visit them in their really sweet little nineteenth century miner's cottage where to enter any room meant either a step up or a step down.

On Saturday, the second, we went to Zennor to make our labyrinth in the sand and to walk it as the waves crashed in just in front of us.

Making the Seed Pattern

John and Sig Making the Seed Pattern


Walking the Labyrinth

Jill, Sig and John "walking one at One (pm)
See the surfers in the background

Interestingly enough, contrary to our expectations, no one else on the beach joined us.  Perhaps it was British reserve?


While we were down in Cornwall, we also visited a magnificent stone ring called Boscowen Un.  It is unusual due to its having a stone in the centre.  I can not think of another ring in Britain that has one like this.  But it makes an ideal goal for walking the labyrinth in a stone ring - something we are doing more and more over here.  It certainly does stir up the energies!

Boscowen Un

Boscowen Un Stone Ring, near Lands End, Cornwall
A great circle to walk the labyrinth path in!

Karin at Boscowen Un

Karin at
Boscowen Un
It was a great thrill to know that we were walking labyrinths with lots of other people around the world. 
Next year, I trust that The Labyrinth Society will have more publicity for this event so more people can join in. If you are interested in exploring labyrinths further, please check out our SunnyBank Centre Spiritual Seekers Supply Store where we have on offer a lovely wooden Glastonbury Finger Labyrinth and my book, Labyrinths: Ancient Myths & Modern Uses.



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