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Tip o' the Week # 16 - Geomancy

Dear [firstname],

Perhaps the major result of the Industrial Revolution and the mass movement of peoples from the country to the city was the loss of awareness of Mother Nature.  Milk comes from cartons.  Strawberries come in punnets.  Who cares how much petrol/gas I’m using, I don’t like to walk, and I need to drive my SUV to the corner shop now!  Today, aside from the recession, the biggest issue on most of our minds is Global Warming - and even if you believe the opposite - that the Earth is going through a cooling cycle, we are all aware that we can not go on using up our planet’s natural resources - oil, wood, coal, fish, etc., etc. as if they were unlimited.  We’re running out.  One thing is clear.  We all must learn to relate to our planet differently.

As someone who is a forty year+ student of Geomancy - (divination of the Earth), I have found that one good way to wake myself up to the realities of our profligate consumption habits is through the study of sacred and secular space - .i.e. Geomancy.  When I involved myself in Geomancy, I discovered Nature in a different way.  Rather than the totally left brain academic path some take, geomancy is equally about experiencing Nature in ways they don’t even mention in most academic institutions. So how can you learn how to get in touch with Nature?

Council Tree
Native American Council Tree
in the State of Washington.

(Note how all of the branches go out
and then directly up)

For those of you who live in North America, SunnyBank Centre is offering a School of Sacred Knowledge & Geomancy: Creating Sacred Space & Healing Stressed Environments in western New York starting on 4 to 11 September, and again on 4 to 6 December 2009.  Our goal is to assist students to grow spiritually and to get back in experiential touch with Nature by being able to easily work with the "Power of Place", in both Sacred and Secular space. To do this, we offer a unique blend of left and right-brain training.  This is a special teaching that is usually only available with us at SunnyBank Centre in Glastonbury, England; however, this school will be held at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, in western New York (south of Buffalo).  For more specifics, go to <http://www.fellowshipsspirit.org> and click on the link to our school.  If you have any specific questions that don’t seem to be answered there, email me at the address below. 

One final thing.  This is not just a workshop where everything happens during the times that we meet.  Actually, the most important things happen before you come in September, and between our meetings in the Autumn.  We will be sending you specific information on that when you register.

Trust we’ll see you there!


Karin & Sig Lonegren
SunnyBank Centre
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