Tip o' the Weel

Tip o' the Week # 17 - Engreyenment

God/dess is Good

If Good is the Opposite of Evil,
That’s not Good
                                           -  Krishnamurti

Dear [firstname]

So many people seek enlightenment.  Go for the Light!  It is the goal of many spiritual seekers.  Also, as a result of our patriarchal cultures, the Light is associated with God.  Also, on this planet, the ultimate light trip man has been able to muster is called nuclear holocaust. 

Nuclear bomo


Also, as a result of my time here in the Land of Avalon, I have come to gnow Goddess.  She lives in the Dark.  In the Earth.  While the Darkness can be scary, and there are some nasties hiding there, one can also learn a lot by going in to the Dark.  Jung taught us that.

Black Madonna
Black Madonna/Earth Mother
at Chartres

And Goddess is there...  So is it better to go for Endarkenment rather than Enlightenment? 

I think not.  I want them both; I want it all.  In the past I have suggested that what I want is a combination of the two - Engreyenment.  But it was only last week, after living in Glastonbury on and off for over twenty-five years that it suddenly struck me. 

Mists of Avalon
The place for me to look
for engreyenment is in the Mists of Avalon.

If Good is the Opposite of Evil,
That’s not Good.



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