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Tip o' the Week - #19 - Orbs

Dear [firstname]

This week, I just wanted you to see a few photo’s of orbs, at least that is what we call them, but they are not necessarily round (orb-shaped) objects.

The first photo I took a few months ago in my back yard. At first glance, I did not see a thing on this picture. I always enlarge the photo, especially when I take photo’s after I’ve communed with whomever it is that are the orbs. In this case, I asked for something surprising and I show you the results here:

Small orb - white dot
An overview of a part of my garden
The orb is a very small white streak in the middle of the picture.

close up
A slightly cropped close-up

Close close up |
An extreme close-up.
I call this a ribbon orb.

Orb in upper garden
And the last photos are of a  “true” orb, it’s round.

Upper garden orb - close up

Here, I again asked for a surprise, initially there was not much to see, but a “normal” orb.
Zooming in, I noticed that this orb was precisely situated inside the triangle
formed by the branches of the honeysuckle growing along the wall.

There are many more orbs to see on my orbs pages, but why don't you try it yourself?  Get out your digital camera (although I've had some orb results BDE - Before the Digital Era) and start clicking away! 


Karin Lonegren
SunnyBank Centre