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On Healing

Dear [firstname]

In some circles, like for anyone living in the EU covered by the “Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations Act of 2008” (Read: who is not an allopath), "healing" is a dangerous word to use to describe what one does.  Having said that - and taken my mandatory dissenting shot at EU bureaucratic regulations - healing, of one sort or another, is what many practitioners here in Glastonbury are all about.  

As a geomancer, while I am not working on people, I am totally focused on healing - the environment so people can lead more balanced and healthy lives.  Working in sacred space, another aspect of a geomancer’s work, enhances one’s intent when working on such things as healing and divination or spiritual growth and connection.  So it is a big part of my professional life.

But it is another area of healing that is also interesting me more and more these days, and that is the healing power of prayer. (I honor all spiritual paths with heart, so my prayer life is totally non-denominational.)  Now, I feel it is perfectly fine to pray for anyone anytime with a simple, “God/dess, be with ...”  I even prayed for George W when he was running a country of mine into the ground (I’m a dual Yank/Brit citizen).  IMHO, he needed all of the prayers he could get!

But I am interested in a more specific and focused form of healing prayer.  When I have the person’s permission (critical for this kind of work), and I know where they live and have general idea of symptoms of what they want me to pray for, I can pray in a much more focused way.  I begin by connecting with my D.O.C. (Deities Of Choice) and ask for His/Her/Their blessings on the work I am about to do.  I can then “see” the person in front of me, and my hands sense and send energy to specific points on their body where it is needed (or take an excess of it out if appropriate).  Karin and I have a prayer list that we work on every night when we have requests (we only work on people for a week to give them a starting burst).  We have found that this kind of intentful prayer in many cases seems to really be helpful.  And permission is the key - it is the aka thread we move in on.

If you are interested, why not contact us?  There is no charge for this service of SunnyBank Centre, and we would be honored to send some healing prayer your way.


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