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Tip o' the Week # 22
Distant Psychic Readings


Dear [firstname]

For over a year now, I have been doing distant psychic readings for clients and I am pleased how well it works. The whole process is not dissimilar to having clients visit SunnyBank Centre. Instead of being “in the flesh” in Glastonbury, clients send in a photo by email or snail-mail. I always like for my clients to know on what day I work with them. After I have scheduled a reading for a certain day, I do the reading when the time feels right. The readings are recorded on CD. Together with a photo I ask my clients to let me know in their email if there are any physical problems. If there are, I like to do a distant energy treatment as well. Even if there are no physical ailments, I do look into the energy field of a client and work there with their own healing colour.

My Psychic Studio
My Psychic Studio

I always start the reading with a prayer to our unseen protectors, angels and helpers on the other side. Then, I tune in by looking intently at my client’s photo for a while. When I feel a connection has been made, I close my eyes and pick up the energies that come in the form of images. Sometimes they appear with such speed that it is difficult to choose which image needs to be addressed first. That is why I use my Psychic Body Chart.

I have found a way of regulating my psychic impressions by following a sequence of steps. First I look for the Core Colour, or my client’s healing colour, then I have trained myself to find the Animal Spirit Helper. After that comes the Plant Spirit Helper, the Image of the Heart, Spirit Guide(s), Nature Elementals and Angels. Within this framework there is enough space for other spontaneous psychic awarenesses. Animal and Plant Spirit Helpers come in any form or shape; from ants to peanuts! They all have a message. Angels are always wonderful to see.

Once I saw an Angel in distinct striped colours ranging from soft green and white to purple and pink. My client let me know that she had an Angel, made out of crystal with the same colours, standing on her window sill, covered in dust. This Angel wanted to be seen and to be dusted, so her messages would come over clearly.

I close the Distant Psychic Reading or Psychic Email Reading, by saying a prayer of gratitude to our unseen helpers.

Getting to know who is supporting you in the Spirit World, what messages there are for you about your personal and spiritual development - is there a difference? - and how to break away from out-of-date patterns with the help of your invisible support team, can be a grounding experience.
I find this a beautiful mystery.

Karin Schluter Lonegren
SunnyBank Centre

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