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Tip o' the Week # 23
Moving Water

Dear [firstname]

s a dowser of almost fifty years, of the four elements, I would have to say that Water would have to be my obvious first choice. The energy that reaches the Earth above flowing water is critical to many areas of the ancient art of geomancy from the domes or blind springs that lie under sacred sites to the crossing of veins that can enhance so many problems that can arise in secular spaces.  Yet, over the years, I have had remarkably little to do with actually finding places to drill for drinking water, or in moving physical veins of water out of cellars, or in to dry ponds or wells, things that old-time water dowsers do all the time.

So it was with some trepidation several weeks ago that I agreed to go with a friend of mine down to Devon to a lovely place called Coombe Farm and Woodlands Trust to drive some water into a holy well there that had gone dry. I knew the technique of diverting water, and had attempted to drive several veins in to dry ponds on several occasions in the past with remarkably limited success.

So, I decided to approach this job differently.  As it had been described to me as a Holy Well, I felt that I really needed to connect with the Spirit of the Place, and so I brought my flask of homeopathic Holy Water from Holy Wells all over this planet of ours.

The Well

Coombe Farm Holy Well
The pane of glass had been over the mouth.
The bottle contains Chalice Well Water

The  Well

The beautifully lined stone walls
of the Well

When I arrived, I spoke to the Spirit of the Land and after meeting my hosts, I went to the Well and greeted the Spirit of the Well. As I was doing this a lovely yellow barn cat strolled up.  I have found that cats are fine helpers in work of this nature, so I went over and spent some time getting to know "Number Two" (as her name turned out to be). Then, I returned to the Well, and poured some of my homeopathic holy water into the Well as an initial offering. After inspectng it's beautifully preserved rock wall interior, I went up hill behind the Well, and with my L rods in the search postition, I asked the Spirit of the Well to please show me the best vein of good potable water that flowed above the bottom of the Well, with a good flow, that would run year 'round.  I found it a bit to one side of the stone lined Well, and then located the best point along the vein to insert a long straight metal marquee pole at that point.  I poured a bit more of my holy water on the iron pole, and then proceeded to drive it into the ground with a sledge hammer that my host had provided.  When it had been driven in solidly, I treated the bar as if it was a croquet ball, and after dowsing how many times I should hit the “ball”, I drove the base of the pole with the sledge hammer (as if it were a mallet) in the direction of the Well.

Last week when Karin and I returned to Coombe Farm Woodlands we were told that there was now so much water in the Well that they had been unable to pump it totally dry.  Sometimes the magic works...

And We Give Thanks That This Has Been Done.


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