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Tip o' the Week # 24
The Glastonbury Experience

Dear [firstname]

I initially came to Glastonbury, England, in the Land of Avalon, in late October of 1983.  My initial experience was truly magical.  It was at the first Samhain Glastonbury Earth Mysteries Gathering where I met Goddess for real for the first time, and it ended up with me, a complete newbie Yank, leading a Native American ceremony (I had been a long-time student of Seneca Wolf Clan Grandmother Twyah Nitsch) on Chalice Hill.  Almost everyone who lives here has a story of their first “Glastonbury Experience” in this magical place.  Glastonbury, as it does with so many who have come here, grabbed me by the the throat and said. “You’re moving here!”  Slowly but surely, that’s what I have done. 

I was just following orders.

Chalice Hill
Chalice Hill, Glastonbury, England
(See how rounded like a chalice it is)
Viewed from the Glastonbury Tor

Fifteen years after my Samhain Experience, I first saw Karin, my wife-to-be, across the Chalice Well.  I don’t really have much more to say about that meeting other than that it was the most important event (after the birth of my two children) that has ever happened to me during my entire life.  Oh.

Chalice Well
The Lid of Chalice Well
note the vesica pisces design
done by Bleigh Bond

And now, twenty-six years after my initial arrival in the Land of Avalon, like any romance, while it may not be intensely magical every single day, I need to say that there is no other place I’ve been on this planet where the veil to the other side is so thin.  There is no other place I know where I can walk down the main street of the town and meet at least five people with whom I can talk about the things that I write about in this column.  Can you do that in your home town?

Glastonbury is a place where new ideas and paradigms are floated almost all the time.  For many of us in town, Earth Mysteries Magician John Michell was a major paradigm shifter of the last half of the twentieth century who sadly passed on this spring. Recently I went to a celebration of John’s life in the Glastonbury Assembly rooms (the place where I first met Goddess).  John was one who was out on the leading edge, and he suffered the slings and arrows of concretized old-paradigmers.  It comes with the turf.  I believe that is why so many people from “away” - those who spend most of their time working in the old paradigm - have such difficulty in understanding what this place is all about.

But, if you are ready to really change your life, come to Glastonbury.  Try it, you’ll like it.


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