Tip o' the Week # 25
22 July 2009 & Daysigns


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Daysigns are like dreams only they come during the day, and can be interpreted using the same tools. One of my most powerful examples came when I was working with Sue Barnet, a local Glastonbury psychic, dowsing and mapping the energy leys here in the Land of Avalon.  We worked well together until we reached the Tor, and there, we couldn’t agree on anything!  So we took a Daysign walk on the road that goes around that sacred hill.  I was drawn to the heart-shaped leaves of a low-growing plant that was sometimes covered with tiny black spots.  Sue told me that it was Arum Maculatum, which I later learned was commonly called Lords and Ladies here in the UK and Jack in the Pulpit in the US.  Arum means lily.   Macula is the scientific name for sun spots.  We all know the Mary who is the Immaculate one, but who is the Maculate/dirty/besmirched Mary?  The Magdalene. (This plant ends its season with bright red berries that in this context symbolize the red-light district.) She is the Lady who came with Joseph of Arimathaea, and after whom one of the streets that runs along the west end of the Glastonbury Abbey is named!  She is the Dark Earth Mother who became a major focus for me after that Daysign walk over twelve years ago, and whom I wrote about in my Tip # 17 on Engreyenment.    I’ve written extensively about Daysigns  in the earlier version of my Tip o’ the Week that was called MAG E-zine (click on this link for a more further definition and discussion of Daysigns). 


Mary Magdalene                Solar Eclipse
Mary Magdalene   Solar Eclipse

On Wednesday, 22 July 2009 there is one of the most powerful Daysigns of our time.  July 22nd is the day that Christianity celebrates the Festival Day of Mary Magdalene.  But this day, this year, also happens to be the day of the longest Solar eclipse of the 21st Century!  The Dark (read: Magdalene) covers the Sun (read: the Light)  for the longest time in this century!  For me, this is a powerful announcement of the return of the Black Madonna.


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