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Tip o' the Week # 28
Of Portals and Mirrors

(While I sent one Tip in August on Mother Nature,
with this email on Portals and Mirrors,
we resume our regular weekly Tips.)

Dear [firstname]

I have long been interested in tools that can give one glimpses of the other side.  Dowsing and labyrinths are excellent examples of such tools.  Scrying, or gazing into a crystal ball or a mirror is another way.  When experiencing the other side/world, shamans often speak of how left becomes right.  The same is true for mirrors.  Here is not the best picture in the world of me holding a red scarf in my left hand:

Sig with scarf in his left hand

Sig with a scarf in his left hand (on the right side of the photo)

Now, here is a shot I took moments later, still holding the red scarf in my left hand.  It was taken with my iPhone, and the camera lens is the only component of it that really is not very good, so I must apologize!  Sorry):

Sig in mirror

A horible picture, but you can see that while I am still holding
the scarf in my left hand, in a mirror, it now appears reversed -
on the left sode of the photo.


The Earth and the Heavens with the Four Directions

This same thing happens when one compares a map of the Earth, and and the wheel of an astrological birth chart.  Here's a map of our planet:

the world
On a map of the World, East is East (to the Right), and West is West (to the Left)

But on an Astrological Chart, there is a reversal:

Astrological Chart
An astrological wheel with the Four Directions marked.

In an astrological chart, the Rising Sign, also referred to as the
Ascendant, is found on the left, and is where the chart begins and therefore marks the beginning of the first of the Twelve Houses. On the opposite side of the chart is the Descendant - where planets set, where things end.  Just as with the mirror, East has become West, and West has become East. 

We are looking through a portal, and what you see depends on where you stand.  In the case of the map, we are looking down at the Earth from above.  With the Astrology Chart we are looking up at the Heavens from the below.  So, if you hold an astrological chart above your head, and orient East to where the Earth's East is, it works fine!

Mirror images are yet another tool that can assist you in looking into the spiritual realms.  I'll talk more about them in further Tips o' the Week.


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