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Tip o' the Week # 29
Dowsing & The Spiritual Path


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I recently attended gathering of all kinds of dowsers where we were told that their Earth Energy sub-group was in need of “revitalization.”  It seems that there is a growing interest in dealing with secular house cleaning and geopathic stress; however, in that group, there has been a diminishing interest in dowsing in sacred space - the area of the Earth Energies that has always been my major interest ever since I did my Master’s degree in the study of Sacred Space in the seventies, when I focused on archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry and the Earth energies.

After a discussion of the need for revitalization, the group moved on the the main work that presently occupies the active members of that association - research.  I owe a great deal to people who have researched what I would now call the Earth Mysteries from archaeologists and anthropologists to those who have a scientific interest in astronomy and sacred geometry at ancient sites and even in dowsing itself.  But research ain’t my major interest.  After they become convinced of the reality that our ancient foremothers and fathers really did locate their sacred sites on Earth energy power centres, oriented them toward significant horizonal astronomical events, and constructed them using sophisticated geometry, most dowsers come to a point where they say, “So what?”  “What did they actually do there?”  "How did they use these sacred sites?"

Later at the gathering, I gave a talk where I warned them that I was going to put forward some heretical ideas.  First, dowsing is magic (a word that is not often heard in dowsing circles), and unlike stage magicians (where their “magic” can be explained in a totally left-brained academically acceptable manner), my interest is best characterized as a Spiritual Magic, as in card number I in the Major Arcana of the (Rider/Waite) Tarot - the Magician.  This card is ruled by Hermes/Mercury, the messenger of the gods, and is, I believe, the deity who brings dowsers their messages. (Hermes is also the god of liars and thieves - the trickster - which is why dowsing is NEVER 100% accurate.  Sometimes he lies.)  But this Spiritual Magician does offer the connection between the tangible and intangible realms (As Above, So Below), and it is this connection that can allow us to see and to experience the Spiritual. 

Dowsing at Arbor Low
Dowsers at Arbor Low

So it is my feeling that while some dowsers are content with continuing their research, most Earth Mystery dowsers soon want to take the next step and use this ancient art to experience the spiritual.  It doesn’t require that one need become a pagan, or a Christian, or a Hindu - the possibilities of experiencing the numinous are open to all spiritual paths.  All it requires is that everyone in the group be open to all spiritual paths with heart.  (This model is one way to counter various forms of fundamentalism that plague our planet these days.) 

If you want to find out more about “non-denominational” things you can do in sacred space, check out pages 150 to 155 of my book, Spiritual Dowsing.

Indago Felix!
To the Fruitful Search!

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