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Tip o' the Week 30
Secular Versus Sacred Space


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In response to my last Tip o’ the Week, “Dowsing and the Spiritual Path,” a client of mine whose home I had recently worked on, wrote, “I wonder if there has to be a distinction between house & sacred space?”  While both secular and sacred space are areas where geomancers can be of help, they are really energetically quite different, and so how one deals with them, and the goals of geomancer’s work are significantly different.

Sacred Spaces are places where the goal is to increase the possibility of conscious spiritual connection and contact.  As this blind geomantic dowser sees the energetic elephant, these are places where energy leys and primary water come together and cause the human aura to expand, and portals/gateways to the spiritual realms, are opened.  Geomancers work to enhance these energies because they increase the possibility of connection to the intangible realms.

On the other hand, secular space clearing is called for when there is too much yin energy in the form of underground water which causes the human aura to contract, and degenerative disease to develop.  These veins and portals to the other side too often allow spirits that were called by the Scottish poet Robbie Burns, “Ghosties and ghoulies, and things that go bump in the night” to come unbidden in to the home.  So geomancers work to neutralize these energies. 

And as you don’t want to be sleeping every night over crossings of underground veins of water because it can lead to sleeplessness, arthritis, cancer and other degenerative diseases, you also don’t want to be sleeping every night on an Earth energy power centre either.  The best example I can give is that, I love baked Alaska (a big block of solidly frozen ice cream on a bed of cake and a “blanket” to meringue cooked briefly in a very hot oven), I certainly do not want (or need) it every night! But, very occasionally, one can definitely benefit from a dream incubation on such a power centre.  But not every night!

Hut Circles

Merryvale Stone Rows
           Hut Circle next to Merryvale Stone Rows in Dartmoor, Devon, England. 
                            No underground veins of water here.

        Cist (cremation burial) at the centre of one pair of stone rown at Merryvle.
        Over a dozen hutcircles (where people lived) are to the left of this picture. 
                                   This is an Earth energy power centre.

When one dowses the hut circles of Bronze age cultures down on Dartmoor, for example, with the exception of where the local shaman or medicine person lived, none of the hut circles are located over this yin energy, yet nearby, the dance of yin and yang energies underneath nearby stone rows and stone rings demonstrate clearly that the community did use them to enhance their experience of the spiritual.


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