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Tip o' the Week # 31
Colour, Notes, Numbers, Letters and Gematria

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I have known about gematria since I first read John Michell’s book on this subject The City of Revelation in the early seventies.  It is a literary device were where each letter has a numerical value, and words or phrases add up to certain sacred numbers that have a symbolic meaning. 

This is a copy of John Michell’s Gematria chart and the first few sentences of his Introduction from the top of the first page his book I mentioned above, The City of Revelation (London: Abacus. 1972. ISBN 0 349 12320 9.)

(from page 7)

While I have read other books about this subject, gematria has never really clicked with me because I could never figure out how the reader could remember the numerical value that was attributed to the Greek (or Hebrew) letter.  (I have never been able to instantaneously connect the black dots on a staff of music with specific notes either.  I always chalked it up to being one of the disadvantages of being dyslexic.)

Several weeks ago I picked up a book by Margaret Starbird called Magdalene’s Lost Legacy: Symbolic Numbers and the Sacred Union in Christianity (Rochester, Vermont: Bear & Company.  2003.  ISBN 159143012-7). She uses gematria in the New Testament to show that the Divine Feminine was represented throughout, but later suppressed by the Church.   But she also told me something that I must have heard before, but never clocked:  Neither in Greek nor Hebrew were there separate symbols for numbers.   In each language, each letter also stood for a specific number.  So when they were reading a word or phrase, they were also reading individual numbers that in frequently-repeated significant words or phrases like “Lord Jesus Christ” or “Grain of mustard seed” added up to significant numbers in gematria.

It was like reading music!  Like singing the words of a song and having the music - only instead of notes, there are numbers.  Some of you may be going “Duhh” right now, but this is literally a new revelation to me!

So the seven colours relate to the seven chakras, which relate to the seven notes, which relate to the seven numbers, which relate to letters - it’s all part of one big consistent system called gematria.

Try it, you might like it.

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