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Tip o' the Week # 34
Tidying Sacred Space

Dear [firstname]

When I first moved to Glastonbury, every time I climbed the Tor, I made it my job to pick up cigarette butts and other trash.  Sue Barnet, a Glastonbury Psychic, cleans out holy wells that have been neglected or forgotten.  This kind of tidying up of sacred spaces is a wonderful way to pay your respects to the Spirit of the Place.  When you come to one, do a bit of rehabilitation if it needs it.

I am in Lily Dale, New York, teaching for my 22nd year at Fellowships of the Spirit <http://www.fellowshipsspirit.org/>.  I’m teaching their students the benefits of creating and working in sacred space. (It enhances whatever spiritual activity you get involved in from healing, acting as a medium, or connecting with your Maker.)

Over fifteen years ago, Seneca Wolf Clan Mother Twylah Nitsch and I created a medicine wheel of tree stumps here in the Dale.  Over the years, it had fallen into disrepair, and when I dowsed a new water well for them, for payment, I asked that they repaint the sign and replace some of the rotting stumps.


Wolf Clan Signs

Wolf Clan/Cycles of Truth Sign

When Karin and I came here a few days ago, the sign looked great, but the stumps were laid out in a helter-skelter fashion that bore no relationship with the Four Directions or anything else.  We immediately began to remedy the situation, and the two of us did our best to set it up correctly:


Wolf Clan Medicine Wheel Firs Attempt
This is how our first attempt looked.  It is balanced, but not big enough to accommodate bigger groups.

Notice the brown rings indicating where the stumps had been when we arrived.
Looking from the South.

While the proportions were ok, we had set it up too small, so we engaged our pupils in the school to open it up a bit.  We honored the space and moved the North, East, South and West stumps from seven and a half foot lengths out to twelve foot/boot lengths, and then pushed the others out to that length as well, and made sure that all were equidistant from each other.  We then saged each stump and walked around the outside and then inside looking at each stump being open for some word or message.


The final circle

Walking around the expanded circle.

(The length of the units (like one boot length) doesn’t make any difference.  The Egyptian Royal Cubit was the length of that Pharaoh's arm from elbow to finger tips.  Each Pharaoh was different, so it is ratio rather than specific length that is important.)

The new wider circle accommodated us much better, and the messages from the stumps seemed to reflect this.  As I was one who was part of its initial construction with Grandmother Twylah, and over the years it had fallen into a cluge job instead of a circle, I felt that I had permission to set things back to what it had been.  In any event, this is an example of how one can tidy up a sacred space and make it work more harmoniously for those who follow.

Greetings from Lily Dale in western New York, USA!

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