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Tip o the Week # 35

Black Friday

Dear [firstname]

For many Americans, most Fridays have a spiritual significance.  Go to any office in the land on that day, and you will probably hear “TGIF!” - “Thank God it’s Friday!”  (While that’s not really spiritual, at least people are invoking the Lord’s name.)  But there are two Fridays each year that for Christians have a markedly more spiritual import - though they mirror each other.  The first, of course, is Good Friday which marks a rather horrible though incredibly important day in the Christian calendar - the day Christ was hung on the cross.

But there is another Friday that I wanted to write about in this Tip o’ the Week, and I only heard the name of this special Friday for the first time on this trip to the USA when Karin and I came to do some teaching and to visit family in Vermont and in Colorado where we celebrated Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November) with over forty members of our extended family. 
(Thanksgiving is one of the very few examples in the history of the United States when Colonists {read: White people} were actually nice to Native Americans - (though, it was actually the other way around).  As I have been living in Glastonbury, England for well over a decade, I had not heard the name of this day after Thanksgiving before.

The Friday after Thanksgiving has become the accepted first day of the Christmas Season.  Before Thanksgiving, Christmas lights and Santas on the lawn are seen as a bit tacky, over the top or "rushing the season.”  This Friday after Turkey Day is also the biggest shopping day of the year!  But this trip was the first time when I heard this day referred to as “Black Friday.” 

One might well, for spiritual reasons, call Good Friday “Black Friday.”  But spirituality has nothing to do with this particular day.  It is called "Black" because it is the day when business that have been running in the red all year might get back into the black (read: make a profit)!

Wal*Mart1   Wal*Mart 2
In case you missed the import of Black Friday,
The red sign below Wal*Mart says
"Live Christmas trees are here."
                           Shoppers line up to BUY, BUT, BUY!

So Black Friday, while the day ostensibly marks the beginning of the Christmas Season, actually marks the ever-increasing message of “BUY, BUY, BUY!” or the “Help-Keep-Christ-Out-of-Christmas” Season.  A number of people line up outside the big retail stores beginning at 3:00 am on Black Friday to get the special deals that are only available to the first one-hundred-and-fifty customers.

IMHO, this is Capitalism gone mad.


For those of you who are reading this who are Americans, I trust that you had a great family Thanksgiving, and as the days grow shorter and darker, that you are now looking forward to the return of the Light.

And instead of black,
May All Your Christmases Be White!

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p.s.  We fly back to Glastonbury on Monday, so our SunnyBank Store will be sending out all back orders by the middle of next week.