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Tip o' the Week #36
On Fear

Dear [firstname]

Fear sucks, and these days, fear is in big time.  George Bush and Fox News are but two examples where fear is used to get people to act the way that others want them to act. At a recent Earth Spirit conference I spoke at in Shelburne, Vermont, an inspirational speaker by the name of Bradfield said, “Disinformation and half truths prey upon the logical the mind. Fear is what causes the stumbling block when you ask another to change their paradigm.” 

This fear of having to change one’s mind has wreaked havoc in the Earth Mysteries field - especially where the establishment academic and scientific communities are concerned.  There are some dowsers who devote their entire dowsing energies towards trying to convince scientists that dowsing is “real.”  In the vast majority of cases, this is just too much of a paradigm shift for left-brained atheists to make, and therefore, IMHO, a waste of time.  Fear keeps many academicians and scientists from opening up to intangible possibilities.  Archaeoastronomy is another area where inability to shift the paradigm they learned when they went to university has made the advances in the study of our prehistoric mothers’ and fathers’ expertise in astronomy impossible for many archaeologists to admit.  They were “primitive savages” (read: more spiritually advanced than we are), and the archaeologists do not have the math to understand the complicated issues needed to predict eclipses and to follow the moon through its 18.67 Metonic cycle, so how could those primitive savages have done that?  As a result, experts in the field like Alexander Thom have been thrown in to the dust bin and ignored.  Fear that the paradigm they have been working with since their university days prevents many from accepting that the builders of Stonhenge knew more about the movements of heavenly bodies than they do.

But the big fear one today is growing to be 2012.  THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT IS GOING TO END!  HOLOCAUST!  The recently released disaster movie “2012” does nothing to dispel this fear.  In fact, it clearly builds on it.  We all know that 2012 has a Mayan connection, and that it marks the end of a very long cycle.  But when we can’t see what’s coming clearly, as Bradfield said, “Disinformation and half truths prey on the logical mind.”

When I first heard of 2012, and felt others’ fear, I saw it as the mirror opposite of how many Fundamentalists saw the world.  The Fundamentalists look at today and don’t like what they see, so they yearn for the good olde days when men were men, and women knew their place.  On the other hand, the 2012ers looked at today, and like the fundies, don’t like what they see, but yearn for the bad coming days.  Both are burying their fear-based heads in the sand and letting someone/thing else bring about the changes they seek.  

I have long felt that we need to take responsibility for ourselves in terms of coming changes.  As Ram Dass famously said, "Be HERE Now."

Grandfather Cirilo Perez Oxlaj
Mayan Grandfather Cirilo Perez Oxlaj

I feel that it is important to say that there are other perspectives on 2012 that are not fear based.  Grand Elder of the living Maya, Grandfather Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, also known as Wandering Wolf, has a different take on what the Mayans themselves are actually thinking.  While the world as we know it will change, It is not fear based, and he urges us to see this turning point in a different light.  (See part of his message at Shift of the Ages.  The full movie will come out next year in 2010.)

Some look at a glass of water and say it is half empty.  Others look at the same glass and say it is half full.  One of the few things we can count on, along with death and taxes, is change.  And many of us, myself included, feel it is high time for some basic changes on this polluted and trashed planet of ours.  But instead of fearing what may be coming, and building on what separates us, we need to unite in our similarities, not dissolve in our differences.

Fear sucks.


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