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Tip o’ the Week #41  - Geomantic Thoughts

Dear [firstname]

When I first became aware of the word “geomancy” in the late sixties, my first teacher, Terry Ross, basically focused on the Earth Energies - both in the construction of sacred space, and a bit later, their impact on humans -  both positive and negative.  Back then, the energies were very few - basically underground primary water (yin) and what I then called “dowsable leys” (yang) that sometimes ran along Watkins’ leys - alignments of ancient holy sites.

John Michell                     Terry Ross          

                                                              John Michell                                                Terry Ross
                                                            At Stonehenge                                    At Calendar II in Vermont

It was in the late seventies when John Michell asked me to not call these six to eight foot wide straight bands of yang energy that I was dowsing “leys.” He suggested that they were not one and the same - and he was correct.  In New England, while many did mark the mysterious lithic sites (chambers, rock cairns, perched rocks, standing stones) that I looked at during my Masters work in “Sacred Space” in the late seventies, the vast majority of these straight bands of yang energy offered no evidence that they were connected with these sacred sites I was studying.  And at the same time, I began to find some of Watkins’ leys in Britain that did not have this yang energy flowing along them.  So I chose the term “energy ley” to describe this straight line energy.

But others were not finding what I was finding.  Not only were other dowsers not finding energy leys or primary water where I did, but more and more, they were not even interested in looking for these two forms of energies that I had initially assumed were basic to the Western Geomantic tradition.  Just to mention a few, there were Hartmann Grids and Curry Grids, Hamish Miller’s Michael and Mary Lines, and just plain “energy lines” (whatever that meant).  By the late eighties, it was clear to me that each geomantic dowser saw the Earth energies differently - even if they were using the same name for them!  This led to what I have come to call “Sig’s Hypothesis Number One - Even if they were trained by the same teacher, when dowsing for intangible targets, it is almost certain that no two dowsers will ever find exactly the same things when dowsing in sacred (or secular) space.”  Like the three blind men and the elephant, we all “see” the spiritual realms differently.

By the nineties, when geomancers dealt with secular space they became aware of a new form of energy.  We had been focusing on “Geopathic (Earth generated) Stress,”  but with the modern technological inventions that began to impact our lives only in the twentieth century, “Technopathic Stress” became an additional area of expertise that geomancers who worked on clearing sick houses needed to become proficient in.  These are energies that are created by man - cell phones, wi-fi, high tension power lines, electric blankets, and many more.  So now in addition to proficiency in the use of dowsing rods, geomancers need to purchase an array of electronic gizmos to check for sources of man-made electronic stress.

So what will the next decade look like for geomancers?  I have two thoughts, and both come from the Americas - Mayaland and from the Kogi tribal priests, or Mamas of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Columbia.  Both are relevant to all of us who are interested in sacred sites and the overall health of the planet.
First, we gotta get rid of this fear thing around 2012.  Armageddon is the wrong concept.  Yes, the Mayans are saying that a cycle is ending, and things are going to change, and old ways of life may well end, but I also trust that all of us can see that change is necessary, and that this can definitely be for the good.  I wrote about this in Tip # 36 - On Fear.

As far as the Kogi are concerned, in a statement issued last April, the Mamas said, “What is happening is 'a massacre of the sites.' To take out a stone is just like taking out a person.... Each one of us must decide what we are going to do. More and more indicators appear... as sacred sites are interfered with. That is our thought and this above all we will continue saying to the world."  (See the Tairona Heritage Trust for further information.  For an example of this “interference,” here in Europe, look at what is happening in Ireland right next to Tara right now.

Geomancy is a growing area of study.  More and more people are become aware of this field and are getting involved.  We are learning about new “invisible” energies - both natural and man-made - that can negatively (or positively) affect us humans, and these two prophesies from indigenous people of the New World can give us some direction as well.  I am sure this is only the beginning, and as we enter the second decade of the Twenty-First Century, I suspect that we will be finding out more and more about this expanding field of Earth Divination.

Blessings on our Mother, the Earth and on ourselves,

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