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Tip o' the Week # 46 - John, Hamish and MAG

John Michell, Hamish Miller, and the new MAG:
A Time of Imbolc Story

Dear [firstname],

On Tuesday the 9th of February a number of us gathered at the foot of the Tor, just inside the Fair Field Kissing Gate where the benches are.  To the left of these benches a tiny oak tree was planted in Memory of John Michell on his birthday.


John's Tor Oak

The John Michell Oak on Glastonbury Tor

Leaning to the southwest along the Michael line,
This tiny oakling is a scion of the mighty Gog and Magog


This oakling is the result of an acorn found by Jamie George and his wife Frances at the feet of the mighty Druid Oaks Gog and Magog.  They had been carefully nuturing it in their garden, and they now had permission from The National Trust to plant a tree in John's memory on the Tor.  (The good people at the Trust have since helpfully erected a massive interference barrier to deal with two little critters who inhabit the Tor - sheep and rabbits.)

At the same time as we were circled 'round the Oak to say good bye to John, and to sing him happy birthday one last time, Hamish Millers' funeral down on Cornwall was happening as well. So he was remembered, and his connection with John's inspirational Michael Line that runs from Michael's Mount in Cornwal, up to the northeast going through a number of Michael points like the Michael tower at Burrow Mump and the Tor itself, then up along the Beltane rise alignment striking Avebury Henge a glancing blow and on up to the northeast coast.

After John's discovery, Hamish then dowsed this geomantic corridor, and found the Michael and Mary Lines that have gone into the Earth Mystery enthusiasts' lexicon of Earth Energy terms as well as the so many ones  that John contributed.

So we said goodbye to old friends, but - at this time of Imbolc - I would also like to tell you about a seed that was planted last autumn has shown life, no, has gone live.  I'm excited to tell you that the Mid-Atlantic Geomancy website that I started in the early nineties has had a major face-lift starting with the logo you can see on the right-hand side at the top of this Tip.

Please check the New MAG out.  We trust that you will find it easier to move through, and that there are some useful new additions.  Visit our <Links> page.  Lots of new ones there.  And, an interesting new section (he offered humbly) on <ArchaeoAstrology> in the Astronomy section. 

It is time for a change.



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