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Tip o' the Week #48 - Some Labyrinthine Thoughts

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This week is a bit of a hodgepodge, mostly centered around labyrinths.  But first, Monday was St David's Day, the Patron Saint of Wales, He was a Celtic monk, abbot and bishop, who lived in the sixth century. During his life, he was the archbishop of Wales, and he was one of many early saints who helped to spread Christianity among the pagan Celtic tribes of western Britain.  I would give a small pitch to you that if you've never been to the town of St David in south-western Wales, I would encourage you to go.  Not only is there an ancient cathedral there that offers communion in English or Welsh (depending upon the communicant's preference), but Non, David's mother (Non's chapel) is celebrated at one of the most picturesque holy wells in all of Britain.  It hangs on the edge of a cliff to the sea, and is truly magical!

Non's Well

Non's Well, St. David, Wales

The reason why I mentioned the first of March and St. David's Day is that it is now only two months until World Labyrinth Day - Walk One at 1, on Saturday the first of May.  Organised by The Labyrinth Society (TLS).  As they say on their website:

"World Labyrinth Day™ is a day that brings people from all over the planet together in celebration of the labyrinth as a symbol, a tool, a passion or a practice.

"World Labyrinth Day™ can be whatever you’re inspired to make it. A day to inform and educate the public, host walks, build permanent and/or temporary labyrinths, create labyrinth art and more.

"If there are only right ways to walk a labyrinth, it follows that there are only right ways to celebrate World Labyrinth Day. We enthusiastically encourage you to "find your way.”

The idea is to have people like yourself all around the world walking your local labyrinth with as many other folks as possible at 1:00 pm your time (Walk One at 1) on May 1st, thus creating a massive wave of peace rolling around our planet.  Please get involved - especially if you don't know much about labyrinths, as this is a chance for you to experience and to learn more about these very special sacred spaces. You can get lots more information about how to organise a Labyrinth Day walk in your area at the TLS website.  We're having one at 1:00 pm on May 1st at our Glastonbury Tercentennial Labyrinth in St John's Churchyard on the High Street here in Glastonbury.  Please join us if you are in the area! :  )

A number of years ago, I was in contact with a Russian labyrinthophile, writer and Earth Mysteries enthusiast, Sergey de Rocambole.  At the time, he was building a labyrinth in St. Petersburg.  After that project, I lost contact with him until last week, when I found him again on Facebook (you can find him there).  In his collection of photos was a very interesting drawing of energies he sees around a labyrinth:


Sergey de Recamboult's Labyrinth

Sergey's Labyrinth

I like how he has brought the labyrinth together with this idea of a vortex/portal above and below the goal, and he has also divided the labyrinth up into twelve slices, thus connecting it with astrology.

One final non-labyrinthine note.  I am pleased to report that there has been a twenty percent increase in visits to Mid-Atlantic Geomancy <http://www.geomancy.org> since the revamped the site went live at the beginning of February, and if you have not yet spent some time wandering around it, please do!  Also, we are offering a number of freebies including our SunnyBank Prayer List <http://www.sunnybankglastonbury.co.uk/prayer.php>.  If you feel in need, please drop us a line.


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