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Tip o the Week # 51

Good Friday

 Dear [firstname]

I am writing to you as a geomancer and as someone who has – at least been attempting to – walk the Spiritual path since the late sixties.  I believe that relating to Spirit is critical to any geomancer whether it is in secular house cleaning where we help discarnates to move on before doing anything else, or in the construction of sacred space, where the whole object is to assist all of us in our desire to connect with the intangible realms.  I am aware that some readers may well disagree with what I have to say on this Good Friday, but it is important to remember that the world of geomancy is not beholden to any one specific religion or spiritual path – in fact, the principles that we use have been employed by – dare I say? – all religions of the world from the Aztecs, Hindus and Wiccans to Jews and Christians.

And, as it is Good Friday, I am drawn to speak my feelings about Christianity.  First of all, I’m not one, but I do honour all spiritual paths with heart.  Secondly, I do love Jesus, and it is my intention to connect with Him (as well as many other manifestations of the One/Great Mystery) every day. 

I’ve just finished Philip Pullman’s latest book: The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ (Edinburgh, London, New York, Melbourne: Canongate.  2010.  ISBN 978 1 84767b826 3).  I am sorry to have to report that I can not recommend it to anyone; however, it was the title, and some of the author’s opinions of the difference between Jesus and Christ that resonated with me.

For me, Jesus is a critically important role model for me and my life.  Sadly, Christianity isn’t.  IMHO, from the first few centuries after Jesus’ crucifixion, the Church in most of its manifestations, has moved away from what I feel is the heart of His message – to love your neighbor as yourself.  While there are some undeniably beautiful bits, there are just too many lamentable examples from Constantine who co-opted Christianity when he turned it into the state religion, through the so-called “Dark Ages” when paganism still flourished in Europe that led to the Inquisition and Burning Times (of people like us), the various Crusades and other wars in the name of this religion, to the more recent Irish Magdalene Laundries, and the present fundamentalist movement in the United States who claim to themselves the sole right to hold THE truth (for everyone), and the ever-expanding child abuse scandals in the Church of Rome. 

In the mid-seventies, I was active in the Episcopal (Anglican) Church in Vermont (USA), but I finally had to say to my dear friend and I would add, saintly vicar, “It seems to me that every time when Christianity came to a major turning point and had to make a decision as to which way to go, in my humble opinion, it has usually made the wrong choice.”  I felt at that time, that the Episcopal Church was part of the problem, not part of the solution. 

Please understand, you are not reading an anti Jesus rant.  On this Good Friday when I reflected on the treatment that Rome gave to one of the most important men in history, this is an anti Churchianity rant.

And as geomancers, I feel we need to keep to the heart of Jesus’ (and other great spiritual leader’s) messages, and forget what men (and sadly it has been mostly men, not women) have done in his/their name.

After almost twenty years since my last one, I recently have begun thinking about writing another book.  This is my tentative first sentence:

“In the past two thousand years there has been a conspiracy for us "common folk" to only pray to our Maker, but under no circumstances are we as individuals to have a two way conversation with the One.”


I believe that it is the Geomancer’s job to enhance that possibility of two way connection with the Spiritual realms, and that Jesus (and many other founders of the world’s great religions) would heartily endorse this.



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