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Tip o the Week # 54


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This week, Chrissie Ferngrove, an old friend from my early days in Glastonbury, contacted me to say that she had put up a collection of photos entitled "More Happy Hippy Days, 1985 to 1990" on her Facebook page.  It reminded me of OakDragon Camps, and what they meant to me in my early days here in Glastonbury. 

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OakDragon set up a camp for ten days or two weeks in a farmer's field (preferably near some ancient sacred site) where we gathered together to work with a theme - like Music and Dance, Astrology, the Earth Mysteries, and many others.  I was particularly drawn to the Earth Mysteries, and I can give you an idea as to the philosophy of OakDragon by talking about how these Mystery Camps were organised.  First, we had participants from many different British sub-cultures from those who claimed to rub shoulders with Royalty through lawyers, hippies, college students, shamans, Grandmothers and Travelers.  It was this last group who were of special interest to me.  Those were the days when folks with little or no money got rid of their most expensive "thing" - their home - and moved out on to the road in a dilapidated truck or van, and became part of the dreaded "Convoy."  Maggie Thatcher didn't like these convoys (there were a number of them), and she did her best to make them feel unwelcome each evening where ever they camped up for the night.  They were Free spirits.  Some were Blaggards.  Some were Highly Educated.  A very interesting crew; and it was as Site Crew that OakDragon hired them.  Living out on the edge as they had been living provided a certain je ne sais quoi that somehow made our time in Nature much more real.

Also, we usually had four or five teachers who were asked to come to camp so we could hear about British prehistory from many different points of view from fields like archaeology, dowsing & geomancy (read: me), archaeoastronomy, witch-craft, and a university historian.  Each of us would share our own vision of the past, and the thing that made OakDragon so special was that we really had only one rule: anyone caught trying to convince anyone else that their version of the past was the correct one - would be asked to leave.  The result of this "rule" was that it brought together many different people who normally would not even talk with each other, but this was in a safe environment where we could learn from each other, share ideas, and not have to worry about being attacked because of them.  We worked in circles, used a talking stick, and all Spiritual Paths with heart were welcome.

OakDragon Spider's Web
OakDragoneers weave a massive spider's web
to feel our interconnectedness.

Living in tents or benders out doors for ten days or two weeks gives on a very different view of Nature.  Not only is one much more likely to see and learn about a large number of different animals and plants, but being outside at night with none of Britain's fog (and star) killing street lights, gave us an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the planets and constellations in the heaven.  It was a wonderful way to learn about Britain, see many ancient sacred sites, and meet all kinds of different people and ideas.


The Society of LeyHunters
Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 1:00pm
End Time:    
Sunday, April 25, 2010 at 6:00pm
Friends Meeting House. Ship Street. Brighton Sussex. UK

Sig is one of  number of folks speaking this weekend.
His topic is:  "Sacred Space - So What?"

Programme on Saturday:

1 PM Open
1:05 Chris Street
2:00 Puncha
3:00 Christine Rhone
3:15 Pat Toms
3:30 Break for non-members and AGM for members
4:00 Philip Carr-Gomm
5:00 Sig Longren
6:00 Close -

Sunday - Field Trip

There's still time to prebook online @£18, otherwise £22 at the door.
Contact leyhunter@gmail.com


World Labyrinth Day
1:00 pm Saturday 1 May
Please do "Walk One at 1" (pm) your time zone.


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Sig Lonegren, Geomancer
9 Bove Town
Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8JE