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Tip o' the Week # 57

Tarot and Sacred Space

Dear [firstname]

One tool in my bag of tricks as a geomancer and spiritualist minister is reading Tarot cards. On the surface there might not seem to be much of a connection between a minister preparing for a service or a counseling session, or a geomancer preparing to create a sacred space or to psychically clean someone's home or office and reading someone's Tarot cards. But there is.

First of all is that all require permission and preparation.  I believe that any service or sermon, dowsing operation or healing session requires permission - obviously, if someone comes to me for a reading, they have given that.  But before they come, I clean the room with incense just as when I enter a sacred space, I greet the Spirit of the Place, and/or connect with Great Mystery (my words for God/dess). 

But with Tarot, the person for whom you are doing the reading also needs preparation.  It's like getting them to stir their unconscious cauldron to bring up necessary stuff that is down there into their conscious so it is available for the reading. I ask them to pic up the cards, and while they are mixing them, I use the Four elements so they can go through their life in some detail: Fire-their Spiritual Health, Earth-their Physical Health, Air-their Mental Health, and Water-their Emotional Health.  I also ask them, "What is your biggest hassle right now? "  (Usually - but not necessarily - that is what the reading will be about.)  And I end with asking them "What parts of your life are going well/low maintenance right now?"  When they have been through this preparation, I ask them to put down the cards, and the reading begins.

A few thoughts about the reading itself.  There is no such thing as a good or bad card.  Here are several examples:

Five of Swords                           Death
Five of Swords   Death

The V of Swords talks about unresolved conflict in area of one's life - either inside yourself or with others.  One side has just dropped her/his swords and said, "Screw it!" (or something like that). and the other picks up the swords and thinks, "I won!"  Nobody won, nobody lost - yet. The other card is Death.  (Remember, there's no such thing as a good or bad card, and while in this case, it could mean someone is about to die, but much more probable that something is about to undergo a heavy inevitable change.  All fall before the Grim Reaper - Kings, Bishops, common folk, but the new day is dawning between those pillars in the background.  This card ruled by Scorpio and Pluto is indeed a heavy one, but sometimes in some peoples' lives, this is just what is needed.  Nothing can change until something is given up to make room for the new. 

But there are also cards to positively aim for as well.  This is the case for Geomantic House Cleaning, Dowsing in Sacred Space, Spiritual Counseling, or Tarot reading for anyone on the Spiritual Path. 

The World
The World

The World is the final/highest card in the Tarot.  It is the goal of the Fool who is the player in this "game" of spiritual seeking or pilgrimage.  It represents completion, reward, success, and triumph in all undertakings.  (All of the above cards were used by A.E. Waite (of the Golden Dawn) in his book A Pictorial Key to the Tarot. (1910) First published by William Rider & Son, Ltd.  They are called the Rider Pack.)

I trust that all of us in all of this work are aiming for this one - the Hindus call it "Sat-Chit-Ananda" - Conscious Eternal Bliss.  While we might not achieve this in this life time, it is certainly a goal all seekers aim for!

May you find it.


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Rev. Sig Lonegren, M.A.
Geomancer, Minister & Tarot Card Reader

, 9 Bove Town
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Sig does Tarot Readings in his home at SunnyBank in Glastonbury, and also he does E-Readings.  Please contact him for further information.