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Tip o' the Week #60 - Seekers, Pilgrims and Glastonbury

Dear [firstname]

Glastonbury has been a Pilgrimage town for yonks (that's British for "a long long time").  People from all over the world come here to seek spiritual contact.  We ran a B&B for three years at SunnyBank, and posted a map of the world.  We asked our visitors to put a pin in from where on our planet they came from.  The map looks like a porcupine with pins in New Zealand, Australia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Brazil, the US, Canada, and, needless to say, from all over Europe.


In this past week I have had the honour of connecting with two different groups of seekers/pilgrims.  On Friday, I was asked by Trafalgar Tours in London to show thirty Japanese healers and astrologers around Glastonbury.  They were ably led by Ryuji Kagam, a well known Japanese astrologer who also translated my book, "The Pendulum Kit", into his language.  (The last I heard, it had had over eighteen reprints there.)

It was a pleasure to show these seekers some of the sacred sites in the Land of Avalon, and many felt that the ceremonies we held at the Abbey, the Tercentennial Labyrinth and especially at Chalice Well were very meaningful.  Unfortunately, I have only one picture of this group of seekers which I took when I was being introduced to them in the Abbey Car Park:

Japanese Seekers
I was taking a picture of these seekers from Japan
while they were taking pictures of me!


 On Saturday I was walking by the labyrinth when I saw a group of women standing in a circle around one woman who was lying on the ground in the centre.  I am always chuffed when I see folks using this wonderful tool, so I took several pictures of the event. 

Cermony in the Glastonbury Tercentennial Labyrinth
A celebration at the Glastonbury Tercentennial Labyrinth

Later, when I returned, their ceremony was breaking up, so I went in and told them what I had done, and offered to tell them a bit more about its history.  They were a groups of seekers from Spain, and as with the group from Japan, I found myself saying a few sentences, and then several members of the group would translate what I had said into Spanish.  They seemed especially interested and knowledgeable about the saints that are honoured there - Bridget, Mary (the Virgin and the Magdalene, take your pick), Dunstan and Joseph of Arimathaea.  Interestingly enough, Mary Magdalene was an obvious favourite of many.

It turned out that it was the birthday of the woman who had been lying in the middle of the circle, so in typical Glastonbury fashion, I gave her a big hug much to the amusement and delight of the entire group.

A Spiritual Volunteer

Glastonbury offers numerous ways to support these spiritual seekers from foreign lands.  For me, Saturday ended with a totally unexpected and delightful example of the exceptional work being done here in the Land of Avalon to take care of these special visitors.  Tony/Ynot Kennish, an old friend of mine (and an excellent dowser) was being honoured for his volunteer work at the Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre (PRC).  That afternoon at the Town Hall, Anthony John Kennish (a.k.a. Ynot/Tony) was given the Mendip Volunteer of the Year 2010 Award for his numerous contributions to the PRC.  

Tony Kennish Receives an award

Mayor John Coles presents Tony Kennish
the Mendip Volunteer of the Year 2010 Award
while Town Crier Mr. Graham Coles watches the proceedings. 
PRC Co-ordinator Morgana West was also there to congratulate him as well. 

The Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre (the PRC) can be found at 10B High Street, and welcomes people of all faiths and beliefs. Their purpose is to serve visitors to this pilgrimage town with information and support.  The PRC provides an invaluable  service to all who come to Glastonbury seeking closer experience of the Spiritual realms. 

Please drop in to see them on your next visit.

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Sig Lonegren
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Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8JE
+44 (0)1458 835 818


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