Virginia Pleasants Lonegren
My mother introduced me to dowsing in 1959 when she had me dowse the location of the town water pipe where it ran into our home, and at the same time, she introduced me to Master Dowser Terry Ross who later became one of my teachers for my Master's Degree in the study of Sacred Space.

 frp tula w   Fredrick Rhodes Pleasants
Uncle Fred,
my mother’s brother, was an authority on African and Western Hemisphere primitive art; he took me to Mexico to visit the ancient sites like this one at Tula, north of Mexico City.

  John Michell
One of the greats of the Earth Mysteries movent, John was a prolific thinker, innovator and author of a number of books including The View Over Atlantis that got me going as a geomancer.

 T. Edward (Terry) Ross
Past President of the American Society of Dowsers Terry was a Master Dowser, who gave me the basic understanding of the Earth Energies at Sacred Sites that I use to this day.
  terry ross w


Byron Dix

A Self taught Archaeoastronomer did the paradigm-breaking work on New England’s stone chambers showing that they were not Colonial root cellars, but sacred sites that were oriented toward significant horizontal astronomical events, and were constructed in harmony with the energy leys that crossed over primary underground water.


Betty Sincerbeaux
(standing in front of Calendar II) was the person who first raised everyone’s attention that the underground chambers in New England were not colonial root cellars, but, as Terry Ross also argued, sacred ceremonial sites.

  cal2 betty w

cal2 winsolrise w  

Calendar II
Oriented towards the Winter Solstice Sunrise this chamber has always been a teaching site for me; it, and was the first chamber where I experienced direct conscious contact with the spiritual realms. (Written about in my first book, Spiritual Dowsing <>.)

Grandmother Twylah Nitsch

Seneca (Iroquois/Haudenosaunee) Wolf Clan Mother introduced me to Native American ideas and ceremonies as well as being a good friend.  Many of the terms I use today - like: when one is sitting in a circle and looking at something in the centre, everyone has their own individual point of view.  She also taught me many chants and prayers that I use in ceremony today - thirty years later.

   twylah nitsch w