Using the Labyrinth: Chakras and Labyrinths

Up to this point in Using the Labyrinth, we have introduced labyrinth terminology - the order of the paths, the chakras, the colors associated with the chakras and paths, and the music of the labyrinth. If any of this is unfamiliar to you, please return to Using the Labyrinth - Terms

Crown and Root Chakras

The different chakras have different meanings. I think of them as all the vibratory possibilities in the universe divided in to seven parts. The Hindus have Sanskrit words for these seven chakras. I have my own terminology. If you have your own set of words, use them - if not, try mine.

The lowest vibrational section relates to the element Earth. Do you know what the slowest vibrating thing on Earth is? It's a diamond crystal. Crystals in general are among the lowest vibrating things on our planet. Sometimes this makes me wonder what all of the fascination about them is! (Actually, their benefit is that they vibrate at an exact known frequency.)

So the bottom chakra is the Root chakra, and it is the most enmeshed in the physical. At the other end of the vibrational spectrum is the Crown chakra. For this one, insert your term for your Deity Of Choice (DOC). Everything else is in between these two vibrational extremes, between God/dess and the Physical.

Sacral and Solar Chakras

The second chakra up from the bottom/root is called the Sacral chakra and, for me, it is ruled by the element Water, the realm of the emotions and feelings. The third one up is called the Solar chakra, in the area of the Solar Plexus. This is the mental world - your thoughts, 'facts' and logical conclusions.

Heart Chakra

Above that is the Heart chakra. For the purposes of this exercise, I think of this as the center of your personal spiritual experience. When you are asked, "How is your spiritual life?", the questioner is not interested in the spiritual life of the entire universe, your country, your community or even of your relationship. It is directed to you.

Throat Chakra

Above the Heart is the Throat chakra. Do you remember what Adam's first job in the Garden of Eden was? It was to name the animals. Being able to name things gives one power over those things. Do you know what these terms mean: RAM, DOS, Hard Drive and Modem? If you do (and, even today, there are probably more people in this world who don't know than who do), you have some power over, some ability, to work with computers. Every job has its jargon: until you can master that jargon you will not be able to do the job. The Throat chakra is the place of naming things (Adam's Apple). To name something is the first step towards manifesting it - making it real. So, for me, the Throat Chakra is the place of manifestation.

Brow or Third Eye Chakra

Above the Throat chakra is the Brow chakra or the Third Eye. Have you seen Hindus with a dot of color between and just above their eyebrows? This marks the Brow chakra. Among other things, it is the screen you dream on. With your eyes closed, can you picture a good friend? That's the 'screen' I am talking about. In the Old Testament, prophets had visions. While they didn't always see these visions - some heard them - they were messages from outside their normal waking consciousness. We need to learn to 'hear/see/gnow' these 'visions' as well.

Below these seven chakras are added to the 'Seven's Chart' found in Part One of Using of the Labyrinth:

No Chakra Note Colour
8   C'  
7 Crown B Violet
6 Third Eye/Brow A Indigo
5 Throat G Blue
4 Heart F Green
3 Solar E Yellow
2 Sacral D Orange
1 Root C Red

So what does all of this have to do with using the classical seven-circuit labyrinth? Hang in there, there's just one more step, and then we'll be ready to apply this chakra information to the labyrinth. I'll give you one clue right now: This labyrinth problem/opportunity-solving device works like rosary beads. It's a mnemonic device. You will be doing something different on each path. But first, let's just make one last addition to the Sevens Chart.

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